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cleanse garden

Cleanse gardens are used to grow the herbs required for Cleansing Magic. Many are arranged to encourage a serenity also conducive to mental and emotional healing.

Purpose / Function

Cleanse gardens contain large assortments of herbs needed for the Alchemical concoctions required for Cleansing Magic. In the growing months simply sitting or working in the garden can serve as a minor cleansing ritual in itself, although this is no replacement for any full scale cleansing or curse removals.   The gardens are typically maintained by Chemists, Alchemists, Ghost Hunters, and any others with a profession requiring frequent advanced cleansing magic. It is not uncommon for rural communities to maintain a communal cleansing garden, as well.


While the term "cleanse garden" is fairly new the concept behind these gardens predates known history. Cultivating personal plants with alchemical effects has always served as an effective and efficient way to lower costs and increase convenience when dealing with potions and the preparation of reagents.   At some point in the last several generations it was hypothesized that growing plants with similar effects in close proximity to each other may augment those effects. This theory was later proven incorrect but by that point the average alchemical gardening hobbyist had access to so much literature detailing the recommended methods of growing cleansing herbs together the trend of cleanse gardens was enshrined within the hobbyist community.   Most of today's gardens are organized for convenience and ease of growing, as well as for looks. Many also include water features, serving as automatic irrigation or simply another way to cleanse the mind when spending time in the garden. Smaller private gardens focus on the most useful and hardy herbal varieties native to the area, while larger more commercial gardens contain countless varieties and sometimes even an assortment of flower colors.


Due to the emotionally calming effects of plants, water, and the scents of cleansing alchemical plants in bloom, some of the larger gardens have begun to permit the public to visit in exchange for an admission fee. These gardens are still dedicated primarily to the growth, harvest, and preparation of the plants needed for Cleansing Magic spells and concoctions, but their caretakers have determined methods to earn additional funds for the maintenance of the garden through seasonal tourism.  
I find nothing clears my mind like working in the garden. Why not allow others the same benefits? Shame to keep it all to myself, or leave coins in other's purses when they could be willingly given to mine.
— cleanse gardener
Alternative Names
cleansing garden
meditation garden


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Jul 6, 2021 11:35 by C. B. Ash

Oh this is nice. :D I love the idea and concept, SolarCat! ... and could use a cleansing garden myself!

Jul 6, 2021 15:21 by Morgan Biscup

Oh me too! Unfortunately my personal efforts have since been overtaken by weeds, but will try again once the kids are older.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Jul 6, 2021 23:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I think my favourite thing is that people believed growing things together would augment them, and then it was proved it didn't, and people still kind of follow the old rumours. :D

Jul 7, 2021 01:03 by Morgan Biscup

We do stuff like that all the time, seemed appropriate, haha.

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
Jul 22, 2021 13:41

I came here to say the same. I love the theory that just the growing of the plants with similar effects would augment their effects <3

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