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CEN Kits

Concentrated Emergency Nourishment

It's not gourmet dining, but it's better than those nutrition bricks!
— traveling merchant
  Concentrated Emergency Nourishment Kits were designed with the constant traveler at heart. Formulated to provide palatable nutrition in a lightweight and compact profile, the Kits have become a staple among militaries and travelers alike.   The foods are carefully prepared and dehydrated before being packed away in airtight pouches for later consumption. Most manufacturers use Anemancy to provide a vacuum before sealing each pouch, allowing the Kits a shelf life of up to five years.   Some are ready to eat upon rehydration while others require additional cooking or steaming time, but each kit comes with the necessary Rune Magic to prepare and reconstitute. Hydromancy runes are present in most kits to counteract the dehydration, while those requiring heating also include minor Pyromancy.


CEN Kits were the natural successor to Uncle Bill's Nutrition Bricks, a more flavorful option for those seeking the convenience of an emergency meal without mortally insulting their taste buds.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
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Fairly rare across the majority of the population but common among traveling merchants, warriors, preppers, and others who anticipate an inability to procure more traditional meal options.

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