Bramblewood Isle

The thick forest growth and brambled underbrush give Bramblewood Isle its name and a reputation to match. Attempts to clear parts of the forest for settlement are overrun within a few short years, preserving the island as a wild nature refuge with minimal outside interference.


Bramblewood Isle is the northeastern island in Ovavea, sandwiched between the Drakonan and Lophelian Oceans. It is the smallest of the three main islands of the chain, and thoroughly overgrown with thick woods and heavy underbrush.

Fauna & Flora

The island is a natural wildlife refuge, providing a plethora of hiding spaces and food for the smaller prey animals, which in turn allows the predators to survive.   The woods are also home to small bands of sheep, descendants of the sheep brought to the island by citizens of Kogal Island fleeing The Calamity. Due to the thick underbrush the sheep surviving here have developed even thicker wool hides which grow quickly and pull easily from the sheep, allowing them to navigate freely through the barbed underbrush.   While some descendents of the villagers who fled from Kogal Island also reside here, most have since relocated to the more welcoming Martoka Island.

Natural Resources

Bramblewood Isle is full of life, but few individuals have the patience to harvest any of its resources due to the thick woods and brambles underbrush. Attempts to clear the plant life are overtaken by the forest within a few short years, resulting in a constant struggle against the forest's resiliency for any attempting to call Bramblewood Isle home.
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