The shadow of the throne

The fertile belt can be found in the shadow of Uri's throne.
— Holma Rainfall, Cartographer.
  This map is one of many that Holma Rainfall has drawn, he has made some copies for other people. Very few people have managed to draw as many maps as he has as the world of Feorh is very hard to travel. People believe that he is hiding a Blessing of Teleportation. Nobody alive knows the truth.   The shadow of Uri's throne stretches from the throne in the northern parts of the continent of Greendale to the southern parts of the continent of Snowdeep .   The part of the region that resides on the continent of Snowdeep was the cradle of the Alfs creation. They were created here by the The pillars of creation. The sapient species prospered and spread across the continent. They spread far away from each other. So far away that they never met again.   Centuries later a small kingdom rose in this region. They domesticated many of the other creatures roaming the lands here. The Chrome alfs sowed grains and trees in the fertile soil. The small kingdom grew to an Empire that tried to swallow all the now very different alfs back up again. They had been one people once, the deities had created them as one, so isn't it only right that they become one once again?  
More about that can be read in the webcomic Chasing Crows.
  Uri's throne is a lonely mountain that sits in the north of the continent of Greendale. This is where the deities created the Humans. The humans filled their continent quickly and the small kingdom that lived in the north of the continent domisticated the horses that lived in the grasslands there.   It is said among some of the mortals that Uri -The Pillar Deity of conditions built his throne there so he could watch the humans, the sapient species with the shortest lifespan, and the alfs, the sapient species with the longest lifespan, live their lives side by side an ocean apart. Some of the other outer and inner circle deities wonder if that is true. Since Uri hasn’t visited his throne again after the humans and the Alfs met.  


Wild animals used to roam this region. Until they were domesticated. This region used to only produce; Meat, wool, leather, mounts, pets, lumber, herbs, musical instruments, paper, ink, wheat, sugar beet, potatoes and cereals. Now it produces a lot more.

Alternative Name(s)
The Fertile belt
Catch a crow and make a wish
Myth | Mar 12, 2020


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29 Mar, 2020 03:59

Really like the map!

29 Mar, 2020 04:08

:) Thank you! I had a fun time drawing it.

8 Apr, 2020 15:42

How clever, to use a template and put a hand-drawn map on it! Also, yay for hand-drawn maps! Would love to know more about the region.

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9 Apr, 2020 02:43

Thank you! :) I started drawing it on the computer but wasn't pleased with it. Since I had decided to draw it in Holma's view because I won't draw any maps until Deios is available. Then I realized that Holma would've drawn all his maps in watercolors so I did. XD   I'm still pondering things to write about the region. :)

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