— famous moths last words
  Moths are a group of creatures that contains several species, many of them undiscovered. Moths evolved long before the butterflies even though both types evolved along with flowering plants.   Moths are generally seen as a pest, they eat clothes, destroy farms and attack houses. However, the larvae of some species are farmed to be used as silk-producers or food.  


Cloth eating moths exist on the entire planet but they are more common in Snowdeep where their relatives, the Silkworms, are farmed for silk. Even though the moths are large they lay tiny eggs that they spray into the air. When these tiny eggs hatch the tiny larvae that survive will find their way to clothes and fabrics that are laying in storage. There they will feast on the fabric where they will grow large. Depending on how much food they find they can grow up to 1-2 meters. These large larvae will then find the closest bed and stay under there. Under the bed of the unsuspecting child or adult, they will then pupate until it is time for them to become a large moth.  


Moths have four stages of their life. The first is the egg, which is laid at the end of summer. In a month the larvae are ready to hatch, but instead, the larvae go into a period of suspended development during the winter. During spring the larvae eat through its own egg and hatches. As a larva, the only thing the creature does is eat and grow. When it is finished eating it looks for a safe space to pupate. If they are found before or just after it has shed its skin it will let out a loud screech in embarrassment. After their new skin has hardened and they are pupating they stay immobile like this for about 2 weeks until they hatch into their final form. The winged and adult moth.   The cloth moths also lay their eggs in spring.  


Adult moths eat only liquids, like flower nectar, sap from three flowers, rotting fruits, blood or animal dung. The Larvae eat pretty much anything but mostly paper dust, hair, fur, furniture and materials, oil and wool.  


In many countries on the continents of Sunland, Icecrown and Greendale the larvae of the moths is a delicacy, eaten by both the poor and the rich. There are a lot of recipies passed down in families but the most used ones is glazed larvae on a stick, mothbuns and moth-on-moth. There is a book written by a traveling cook that can be found in some well stocked libraries, Moth Oh Moth.
30 days - 1 year
Average Height
1cm - 2meters
Average intelligence
Most of them are non-sentient but there are some species of Moths that are sentient, among them is the cloth moth.


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