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Our adventures are set in the World of Faelon- a world of great beauty and great danger, of politics and religion, intrigue and honor, people and power, magic and mystery.
More than a dozen factions strive for domination and survival across Faelon’s two known continents. Strange creatures move along the fault lines of civilization- some from a past that never passed out of reckoning, some from portals between Faelon and Mervael, the Spirit World, and some from Faelon’s heavens and hells.
The gods have sundered Faelon’s magic in twain- Casters are divided between spells that influence the inorganic and inanimate and those that influence creatures both living and recently alive. Only an immortal may learn the secrets of both, leading some to seek immortality through pacts with abominations.
Above all, Faelon is the story of its people- resonant characters who seek power and peril each in their own way against a backdrop that is as full of life as it is fraught with menace.
Come join us in Faelon.
BrightSword is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game. A role-playing game consists of a group of players each acting out the role of an alternate persona. They do so within an imaginary world created by another participant known as the Gamemaster (GM). Role-playing games come in many forms, usually defined by the type or genre of environment in which the action takes place. In BrightSword, the action takes place in a fantasy setting where the players act out the roles of heroic adventurers.
Freeblades is a fantasy skirmish game set in the exciting and dangerous World of Faelon. A freeblade is a fortune hunter who operates under a warrant from one of Faelon’s many factions. A freeblade warrant allows the holder to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission, so long as it is beyond the faction’s borders. Freeblades gather together into freebands to accomplish the tasks their patrons set out for them. In return, the freeband receives a share of any plunder or profit and can expect protection once back inside the faction’s borders. If they make it there…   Freeblades is a fantasy game because its setting is one of swords and magic, of dire creatures and perilous landscapes, of selfless valor and vile treachery. Freeblades is set in the World of Faelon, which provides the perfect backdrop for exciting adventures. Faelon is described in the first chapter of the rulebook and many more products describing the world will follow.   Freeblades is a skirmish game because each player commands a freeband of six to eighteen individual models representing the members of the freeband. These models are masterfully sculpted 32mm miniatures. Freeblades is also played using any convenient surface as a battleground and tape measures and dice for determining success or failure. Gather your freeband and set off to recover the lost treasure, rescue the prisoner, explore the ruined city, or attempt any one of many exciting tasks. Track your freeblades as they gather experience and gain new skills, talents and gear. The Freeblades rulebook has many dangerous quests and more will be added to the mix all the time.   So, strap on your greatsword, string that longbow and commit that one last spell to memory. Adventure awaits!

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