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Mershael Corsairs - Freeband

Faction Assembly Rule: No faction specific freeband assembly rules.     Mershael Tactics. Once per game one faction model may automatically pass a Delay test. The player may employ this after seeing the results of a Delay test roll. Once per game when second player, one Ready faction model may activate before any first player models.



Shaikan (Leader)

7d12Taumari d10 Quick Strike**553d12Leader, Parry [2], Quick, Agile Charge, AGL d1239



Mender (Caster)

7d6Staff d6 Two-ended **422d8CAR [Ancestral Rites] d10, 15 Power, Medicine, Quick31

Ancestral Rites

Ancestral Rites is spirit magic. This is the Freeblades spell list for the Mender (Caster).

Power CostSpell NameEffectDuration
(2)Altered DestinyYou may convert any Fatestone possessed by a friend into a Destiny Stone.I
(2)Ancestral GuidanceYou may add one to any one friendly die once until the end of the turn.C
(1)Elder BlessingTarget adds +2dl MAR or RAR, Caster’s choiceC
(2)InsightTarget is +3dl to KNW tests.C
(1)InspirationTarget is +2dl DISC.C
(1)MendTarget recovers 1 LP that it has lost. 9” Range.I
(1)Spirit BowYou are equipped with a weapon from the bow group, that is Magical, for the remainder of the turn. It may be employed to make a ranged attack even though you cast a spell this turn. You use your CAR as your RAR for any attack made with this weapon.I
(3)Summon Ancestral WarriorAn Ancestral Warrior is placed within 6" of the Caster and at least 6" from any enemy. Spell is Target Number 4 to cast.C
(3)VisitationTarget friend gains the Spirit talent and is considered Discorporate while the spell lasts.C

Ancestral Warrior

7d8Najana d8+1
Lethal Standoff
441d6Quick, Spirit, Summoned


7d6Staff d6 Two-ended **422d8CAR [Illusion Magic] d10, 15 Power, Intensify Spell [1], Quick31

Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic is energy magic. This is the Free blades spell list for the Illusionist.

Power CostSpell NameEffectDuration
(1)CloakTarget friend gains a Stealth Token.I
(2)ConfusionTarget cannot Run, make a special action, make a reaction or make a ranged attack unless it passes a KNW test 7.C
(2)DazzleTarget has a –2dl RAR and -2dl MAR.C
(1)Illusionary BladesMelee attacks by the target cannot be Parried or Dodged unless the enemy attempting to Parry or Dodge passes a KNW test 7 for each Parry or Dodge attempt.C
(1)Illusionary TerrainYou place a 4" AoE in LOS. You designate the AoE as a Woods, Solid, Rocky, Watery or Icy terrain feature. Models, friendly or enemy, who attempt to enter the AoE or draw LOS through it treat it as that terrain type unless they pass a KNW test 7. The KNW test is Target Number 9 if the AoE is in contact with an existing feature possessing the same terrain type keyword. This terrain feature cannot be used to deploy previously undeployed models. The AoE may not be placed on a model.C
(1)Leader's VoiceTarget gains the Sergeant [follower type] talent. The target gains +1dl DISC for any Fear or Morale tests it or models using its DISC are required to take.C
(1)MaskUnengaged target gains the Disguise talent.C
(2)PhantomsTwo target enemies are treated as being engaged by an enemy for the purposes of Piling On. Alternatively, one target enemy is treated as being engaged by two enemies for the purposes of Piling On.C
(3)UncertaintyTarget enemy makes an immediate KNW test 7 and if it fails, cannot make a ranged attack against or engage you or your friends. This effect is canceled if the target is attacked or engaged by you or a friend.C



Reaver's Kindred

7d10Taumari d10 Quick Striked10Tennko d8 Deadly
552d10Parry [1], Quick, AGL d1032


7d10Kasari d8 Hinder Quick Strike**552d10Dodge [1], Quick, Confine, Amphibious, Veteran [Sergeant [Seafarer, Deck Gunner], 2], AGL d1228

Takar Hunter

A single Takar Hunter may be taken as an Ally [Independent] in any freeband.

7d10Taumari d10 Quick Striked6Talon d4+1
542d10Winged Companion, Hunt d10, Hunting Raptor, Quick, Scout, Dodge[1], AGL d10, Pathfinder, Allied [Independent]36


9d10Taumari d10 Quick Striked10Tennko d8
542d10AGL d12 Dodge, Crafty Dodge, Sidestep, Teammate [Riktokar], Cavalry, Fast38

Riktokar (dismounted)

7d10Taumari d10 Quick Striked10Tennko d8
552d10AGL d12 Dodge, Crafty Dodge, Sidestep, Teammate [Riktokar], Quick37




7d8Long Knife d6**421d6Amphibious, Quick8


7d6Najana d6+1 Standoff Lethal**431d8Quick12

Takar Lookout

A single Takar Lookout may be taken as an Ally [Independent] in any freeband. A Takar Lookout may not be taken as an Ally in a freeband containing a Takar Hunter.

7d6Long Knife d6d6Talon d4+1
441d6Hunting Raptor, Quick, Hunt d8, Scout, Pathfinder, Allied [Independent]18

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