The Void Courts

The Void Courts

  The void courts are groups of like-minded collectors who gather to determine the maladies that they inflict upon the world. These are not governing bodies the void doesn't understand the concept. They are simply collectors who wished to destroy the world in a very particular way and they found other collectors who happened to have the same vision.    
by Kevin Glint

The Court of the Void Canvas

  The canvas Court is made up of collectors who believe the world is a canvas that has already been filled. They wish to repaint the world and in order to do so, they must erase it to start over. These collectors tend to be very colorful and vibrant with incredibly indifferent attitudes towards most individuals who enter the domain. They spread Mania which is then focused and in the process hysteria is created. While they're vibrancy and indifference makes them seem more friendly or at least less hostile this is the furthest from the truth. The collectors of the canvas are not artists. They are killers who have grown bored in their ascendance. They are tired of hearing the same screens from their victims over and over. They are tired of their victims experiencing the same pain over and over. While it may not look it, the collectors of the canvas are by far the most creative of the collectors. While usually they will not kill you in an incredibly visceral fashion with blood and gore cast about the place of your death, they are capable of far worse deaths. To meet a collector of the canvas and not be prepared is to suffer a horrible fate. The collectors of the canvas have experimented with their crafts and have learned of pain that most Mortals cannot even experience fully... and these collectors want to rectify that fact. The screams that come from ground zero of an area affected by Hysteria are unlike any other, and these collectors sometimes can be heard cackling maniacally as they are quite amused that we lowly beings could make such glorious sounds.

The Court Of The Void Sickness

  Collectors of sickness are a depressed lot. Most of the time if one was there to see it, they would see these sad creatures sitting as if waiting for something on a tree stump. Unlike the collectors of the canvas, the collectors of sickness have not grown bored but tired of life. They are jaded things who want nothing more than to eradicate life entirely just so that they may get some peace. They spread the sickness of Melancholia and cast the black ichor of the void in hopes of accomplishing their goal. They are brutal and quite visceral, for the kill is the only thing that makes them feel alive. The collectors of sickness often appear filthy dressed in rags and are most often humanoid in appearance. A select few do take on more monstrous forms giving in to the desire to be transformed in their entirety. Collectors of sickness possess dread powers that are often designed to keep victims alive during these moments so that they may feel what it is like to be dismembered or eviscerated in full without dying halfway through. They legitimately see this as a blessing. What they do to their victims they see as a genuinely good thing. The cry of help and pain as a byproduct of the Mortal coil in need of being stripped from the victim. They wish to give their victims the one thing they can never have...death. They see death as mercy but will not let you go quietly into that good night.
by Artem Demura
by Joau Fiuza

The Court the Voids Malice

The collectors of malice are the least known but the most effective. my God Killers seeking to corrupt consume and Slaughter the divine stand in the way of the Void stranger and his schemes. they are only found in lands affected by disquiet, which means they reside in the The Weirlands. they wander the waste slaying Giants and dragons alike, using their dread powers to consume their souls and make themselves stronger. The collectors of malice are colloidal beings. They wanted to look how they felt. Their rage, fueled by the void is felt by their victims. Despite all of this they are the simplest of the void courts. They only seek out the divine and other celestials often leaving any other alone. disquiet is not something that can truly be fixed easily. For this reason, these collectors rarely stay close to Ground Zero.

The Court of the Void's Fear

collectors of fear are by far the most tragic. When they became collectors from whatever they once were, instead of feeling bored, depressed, powerful, or mighty... they felt small. The collectors of fear are terrified. they gazed into the void, on the face of the void stranger himself, and at that moment screamed in horror. Unable to look away they faced Their Fear and failed to overcome it. The collectors of fear chose phobia as the melody they will spread. When they were released with orders to disassemble reality, they realized they were still afraid. The fear the experience was Universal. They were afraid of everything able to tap into the fears of all living things. They felt these fears deeply so deeply in fact that it began to affect the world around them. but they did not lose faith in themselves or the void that terrified them so much. they use the world's fear against it, employing it to protect them while they hide at Ground Zero. Their appearance various in many ways. In Arachnophobia The Collector is a tiny spider. In nyctophobia the collector is a mutated infant, they are small and helpless to any passerby. They hope to not be noticed. They hope their fear protects them well.
by consuelo-parra

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