The Dread Powers

The powers of the Void

To break reality

  The term dread power can refer to an Arcane Talent of any particular genre or method. Dread powers are often frowned upon by most in society. While not illegal, it is an unwritten rule to never use them even in dire circumstances. The reason for this is to do to the nature of dread powers themselves. Dread powers are Arcane abilities that are less designed for accomplishing a purpose and more so designed with malicious intent. In other words, a dread power is not a ball of fire designed to kill, but rather a ball of fire that is designed to cause the maximum amount of pain with the least amount of damage. Instead of burning skin a ball of flame we'll burn the nerve endings little by little. Another example is using elements of telepathic powers to implant inescapable nightmares, to alter perceptions and inhibit rational thinking, or using these elements to cause a perception of extreme pain or negative emotion. These telepathic abilities are often used for torture.

Long story short any ability that is designed to cause maximum suffering without alleviation is considered a dread power. These are not the only dread Powers, however.          

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This is where I will put the dread powers I use to create enemies. particularly the chosen.

Dread Powers and The Chosen of the Void

  The Chosen Of The Void are all capable of having dread powers. Some dread Powers often are designed to disrupt an alter the natural flow of existence. These particular dread powers are almost exclusively used by the collectors. It was the collectors who caught the interest of the Divine as the Divine do have a rule regarding meddling with natural laws. Arcane abilities often appear to break the natural laws of existence but they really take advantage of loopholes within those laws or bend the laws to accomplish the goals of the spell. Breaking these laws of existence, while impossible to do without using the energy of the Void, is considered a universal crime and the divine I will punish those who do so. this is how the Divine came to learn of the Void, the void stranger, and the Collectors. In an attempt to punish those who directly opposed the laws of existence, they learned of the Void strangers plan. any being tainted by the void can possess any number of dread powers and will never hesitate to use them no matter what damage it causes.


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