Ozlithian Branding

Ozlithian brands are symbols meant to be placed on the skin, often permanently, that apply various effects to the bearer. This unique form of enchantment served as inspiration for arcane tattoos which are a more refined and less dangerous method of personal enchantment. While more dangerous the effects of ozlithian branding are often more extream, displaying significantly more power. The methods of true ozlithian branding have been lost as the only users were the centurion legions of ozlith. Those in Mhirriah distilled the method and continue its legacy. The markings, however, have changed over the centuries and the original designs are lost.   Process Once a design has been chosen the bearer has a few methods of applying it to the skin.
Metaphysical, Arcane


There were several methods of branding during the time of the empire, and some more recent methods have appeared in the lands of Mhirriah.


Cutting into the skin was the most common method of Ozolithian Branding. This self-mutilation often cut only so deep to prevent scaring and was the quickest method, though the effects are diminished. Scarification is a permanent more potent method that can take several agonizing hours. The bearer must be the one who scars themselves for it to work.    


As the empire grew, more innovated approaches emerged. Brands were used by the mad legion and applied to their skin for permanent and instant access to the powers they bestowed. Other brands were found in various archaeological digs. These brands are thought to have been used by the mad legion to brand enemies granting some debilitating effect on them.  


The empire eventually encountered people who routinely marked themselves by using ink and the teeth of an extremely venomous fish called Aquarighasts. These teeth are still found all over Mhirriah and are said to be quite valuable as the fish has long died out due to overfishing. The teeth have a pinhole of varying sizes depending on the placement of the tooth in the fishes mouth. These holes were originally used to inject venom but after proper cleaning serves as a perfect means to embed ink into the pores of the skin. Tattooing is common in many cultures and this unique form of Ozlithian branding is highly sought after by the college of ink and quill in Yithwitch. The process is permanent, although many use less potent forms that are less so such as painting on the skin rather than in it. This method is the perfect valance between potency and permanence as it is often more aesthetically pleasing than brands or self mutilation.

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