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Let It Grow

Overgrowth is a common effect seen among druids who come across built up arcane energies of life in their environment. The spell involves drawing the energy out and funneling it into an isolated patch of flora. The result is a massive spread and growth of the plant life, causing the roots to grow deep, the leaves to burst forth, and increase blooming of flowers in abundance. Furthermore, the flora will animate itself for an extended period of time based on how much reserved energy it has left when its growth is complete.

The Growth

The plants can ensnare or attack enemies and can shield allies. The spell can cause a rapid growth in seeds and saplings as well. A common use of the spell is during a harvest. If a botanical element is needed, casting the spell upon it will cause not only growth, but will increase the yield of harvest. this can be done on farmland as well, though spreading energy across a large area is not only difficult, but also comes with diminished returns.

Uses of the spell are best used in isolated spaces no larger than 10 to 30 Ft in diameter depending on how much energy one can find in the environment. The flora is not able to move while it is animated and is limited to only what its animated features can do in their own sphere of influence. The flora's range can be increased but doing so shortens the lifespan of their animation.

RPG Mechanics

Rpg mechanics

When a druid enters the area, they roll on their table for their available spells. If overgrowth is among the ones rolled, they may cast it for the indicated cost during their actions.  


First, roll for how many resources you gain by drawing out the energy. It takes ten to cast the spell correctly. Any excess can be used to either extend the time the flora is animated or extend the reach of the flora. If you draw less than ten, you may spend all resources to animate the flora for a single action.   While the flora is animated, it acts as a companion with two actions. The actions they flora can take are as follows.
  • Attack: the flora is able to use its mass to swipe or jab at a target. It makes one attack for 3 damage per hit. Different forms of plants can change those stats.
  • Defend: each the growth can defend any ally in its radius, and will take damage instead of the character until it reaches 0hp. The growth begins with 20
  • Ensnare: the growth can lock the enemy in place preventing movement unless the enemy passes a body check with 13 being the target number.

A Matter of Discovery.

Due to the nature of their spells, no druid creates the spells in question. The arcane effects are discovered through expiriemental procedure. Overgrowth is one of the oldest they have at their disposal and almost every druid knows it. It is considered a staple of the art.

Fun Fact: Druidic Spells

Druids do not have spells in the classical sense. They can manipulate arcane energy like other magic users but do not cast spells with it. Druids take the energy they find in small pockets that build up between the physical and metaphysical planes. They drain these pockets, and channel the energy into the world around them, which causes arcane effects to occur.

This process looks like a spell to the initiated. these pockets are everywhere, and when the same form of arcane energy is channeled in the exact same way, the same effects will occur. In the RPG, druids gain random spells rolled on a table depending on their environment. These spells adapt and change as the druid gets more powerful.

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