Florence Wright

Lady Roux (a.k.a. The white dove)

Florence Wright was a thief who founded The Doves of Black and White. She was exceptionally skilled at both theft and assassination and routinely demonstrated her talents, growing incredibly wealthy. After meeting Angus Roux and taking part in the Harrow Assassination she married Angus and mothered two children.

Mental characteristics


Florence learned numerous skills in her childhood. Born an orphan, she learned stealth and the art of theft while living on the streets of yithwich. She grew in infamy as she pulled off heist after heist. She spent some time with the tablin where she learned several fighting styles. Her time in brothels gave her knowledge of poisons and herbology as well as deception

Accomplishments & Achievements

Assasinationnof Minerva Harrow, founding of the doves
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age


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