Apples Of Discord

Luck Weaponized

Golden Apples

A prime example of a Strange Attractor, though much more powerful, Apples of Discord are golden apples that come from the orchards in the domain of chaos itself. The effects of consuming even a single bite of this fruit can be difficult to put into words. Upon eating it, one tastes apples and cinnamon with hints of mulled spices and honey. No matter what, its always warm.

As the effects take hold, one experiences extreme euphoric sensations along with a heightened perception. The slightest things in the world around them become clear as day. The settling of buildings, tactile sensations, and air circulation, etc are all universal effects but there are many other effects that differ from one person to the other.

What the apple actually does is anyone's guess. Often times the divine beings of chaos shrug and continue on after being asked and the apple seems to effect everyone differently even between moments of consumption.

The beings of chaos are very liberal when it comes to handing out apples of discord. Some believe they truly have no idea what the apples will do, only that it will be random and delightfully entertaining, even if it is at the expense of the consumer.


Effects of Consuming Apples of Discord

Dice Roll Effect
1 Character stumbles across a random bit of loot
2 Character gains a full pool of a resource of their choice
3 Character convulses horribly, foaming at the mouth and taking 2HP. This lasts 1 round
4 Character enters perfect gnosis and gains 5% insight. The Character learns a plot relevant piece of information that previously was kept secret
5 Nothing happens... as in literally nothing. The world seems to skip a beat for the character. must be resisted so that they do not pass out by holding their breath.
6 Time slows to a crawl as the character is fixated on the beat of a hummingbirds wings. If resisted they get 3 free actions.
7 Character experiences a sense of euphoria and enters a state similar to rage that functions with rage rules. Character senses that they are watched by something but cannot determine what.
8 The character will sense an NPC trapped somewhere near by. If indoors, they are trapped either in the attic or the floorboards. If outside, they will sense them inside a tree trunk or in a coffin partially buried.
9 Character can reverse the current scenario and alter any set of details about the current situation. All parties are aware of the changes and will react to them if they can such as a change in what someone says or does. At GM Discretion
10 Gains 10% insight but must make a terror check or suffer a madness. Character begins to see shapes in reality as being try to contact them. What they are and their place in the narrative is up to the GM but the character will see them indefinitely.
11 Character loses a madness as they are miraculously cured of an ailment of their choice.
12 Character receives a visit from a random or patron divinity. The nature of this visit is up to the GM.
13 An essential NPC dies... no you cant override this, the system is called off the cuff for a reason... :)
14 The Character gains a level in the Arcana Discordia trait. If the trait is at max, they +10 max resources
15 Character gets amnesia for 3 in game days.
16 Character gets a series of hunches that leads them directly to where they need to be if the player takes the initiative.
17 Character cannot be harmed and becomes a quantum immortal for the remainder of the session
18 character gains the ability to kill a unique antagonist in a single hit. The death should be rather dramatic.
19 Reality loops and the characters can go back and fix a mistake they have made at some point in the overall plot of the campaign, The result is not a paradox but rather a similar string of events that lead to things being in their favor.
20 Character gains 5% insight and the "Being of the Chaosphere" trait. The trait allows a character to roll d100 and if the result is a multiple of 8 they may travel to the Chaosphere. They may reside there for 8 hours. see trait for more details.

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