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Salty souls

A saltfoot may leave the sea, but the sea never leaves him.
Ednar Yamada Nogerra, Sceraisian captain, 1501 AoE
altfoot is the Komon term for sailors, those with an exceptional love of the sea, or those who spend an inordinate amount of time at sea. Such people are usually naval troops, privateers, or merchant marines. As the term implies, saltfoot almost never refers to those who are on-or-around freshwater. So those fishermen and navigators who ply Excilior's many rivers and lakes are not labeled as saltfoots and they typically don't think of themselves as such. To many land-loving casterways, saltfoot is often used to reference anyone who is currently at sea for any reason - from passengers, to soldiers, to merchants, to mariners. But for those who lead a seaward life, saltfoot is reserved for only veteran and respected sailors. Amongst some seasoned crews, it can take sailors many years before they are deemed worthy of the saltfoot moniker. The natural corollary to the saltfoot is the muddfoot. Saltfoots speak derisively of muddfoots. And for junior sailors, their first goal is typically to earn sufficient respect to where the rest of their crew no longer speaks of them as muddfoots.


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