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Stealth leadership

raetor is the name used by Nocterns for their military leader. In theory, there is only one praetor at a time. However, since the Nocterns are found under all of Excilior's continents, and because they are more of an ethnicity than a single, unified nation, it is possible that one particular Noctern region may have their own praetor while another region has an entirely different individual in the role. But as long as one contiguous group of Nocterns considers themselves to be engaged in a single conflict, they will only ever have one person fulfilling the role of praetor as long as that conflict remains unresolved.


octern military hierarchies can be tremendously democratic. The rank of praetor is ultimately assigned by respected elders, most of whom have not been involved in any combat situations for years and are far too old to consider doing so now. But it's the troops in the active ranging parties that ultimately have the most sway when it comes to anointing a new praetor. The elders are not required to go with the soldiers' recommendation. Nor must they even solicit such opinions. However, it is extremely rare that a praetor would ever be chosen who is explicitly unwanted by the men and women in the field.   Even when the decision is in the elders' hands, the process is far from autocratic. They will discuss - for days, if need be - the potential candidates and they will only announce their selection when all (or at least, a strong majority) agree on the selection.


lthough the title is generally associated with military operations, Nocterns and oplanders typically have a different viewpoint on exactly what constitutes "military". To an oplander, military maneuvers (i.e., those where they might expect the praetor to be involved) entail combat, or preparing for combat. To a Noctern, military operations entail anything that takes place above ground, away from the safety of the Ontorlands. This adaptation is a practical one, because Nocterns have learned - through millennia of oplander aggression - that hostilities can break out at any time. Therefore, praetors are responsible for ensuring tactical safety of their charges at all times, even when their group is simply hunting or scouting.   For these reasons, Nocterns tend to view their praetors more like guides or rangers, rather than generals or colonels. In the best of times, when relative peace is enjoyed between Nocterns and oplanders, the individuals holding the rank of praetor can go a lifetime without leading a combat operation, and without ever sinking a spear or an arrow into anything other than game.

Accoutrements & Equipment

n keeping with the brutally-efficient practices of Noctern warriors, the praetor wears no insignia or special clothing when out "in the field". During rare ceremonial occasions, they sometimes don ornamental masks and/or armor. But this is only for purely administrative functions. During the executions of normal military operations, an outsider would have no way to identify which member of the squadron was the praetor. In fact, oplanders often have a hard time identifying any Noctern leadership structures by sight.

Notable Holders

he most famous person to hold this title was the Dawn Reaver. Most oplanders know him only as the Dawn Reaver and are not easily familiar with praetor (or any other Noctern military terms). But anyone with even a passing knowledge of Charian or Noctern history is well aware of the Dawn Reaver and they know that he was the leader of the Noctern forces. Amongst the Nocterns, the Dawn Reaver is a near-mythical figure and they all know full well that his title was Praetor.
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