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Cozy on their pedestal

The surface-dwellers have a curious name for themselves: oplanders. We have a much simpler term: murderers.
Ambura Patro, Mapit Noctern, 3146 AoG
n oplander is a global term for all casterways who view living on the surface as their natural state of being. It is the opposite of the Nocterns, who live underground, in the Ontorlands, and typically only venture to the surface when absolutely necessary. Just as Nocterns may occasionally be above ground, but still think of themselves as being underground dwellers, oplanders always think of themselves as being surface-dwellers, regardless if they manage to find themselves in the Ontorlands for short, or even extended, periods of time.  
Oplander is not a term that most casterways would use to refer to themselves in casual, everyday conversation. This is because many people go their whole lives without ever venturing into the Ontorlands or even seeing a Noctern. Thus, those same people wouldn't typically refer to themselves as "oplanders" because for them, being above ground is the default, natural, and obvious state. They wouldn't talk about themselves as being above water, because that is assumed, and thought to be obvious. Similarly, for most of the planet's population, being above ground is also assumed, and thought to be obvious. The term "oplander" only comes into common use whenever people are discussing Nocterns in comparison to themselves.  
Opposite of Nocterns
Another way to think of an oplander is simply as "everyone who is not a Noctern". There are many cultures and states represented across the surface of Excilior's sizable landmasses. But there is only one known culture below ground, in the Ontorlands, and that culture is the Nocterns.


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