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Evolution Pulse Rebirth

Last update 03 Nov 2020

"There was a time when men were masters of the world, fighting for supremacy and building empires. A time when Alexander the Great made most known kingdoms kneel at his feet. Descendant of Eracles the Divine, and invested by the blood of the Ancient Gods, the holy warlord drove us onwards to the Amon Sanctuary. Here, according to legend, the mysterious Daeeva lived. They were oracles, skilled beyond human comprehension.     After a long journey with hindrances so great as to make any man waver, we arrived in Marsa Maruth where, in the presence of the Daeeva mystics, my king could finally obtain his prophecy. When asked what gods would have blessed his ascension, the Seers with bloodshot-eyes handed Alexander a gift, the Kunuk Surrum, the dark seal of reality. Awed by its power, my king opened the black casket, summoning the True Emperor before our very eyes.     Under a darkening sky, the True Gods were revealed. Resting in the recesses of the Sintum, they were echoes of the destiny of all living beings. The Divine Emperor showed us the supernal essence in all its power and gifted us the Igisum Duga, the Breath of New Life, tied to the power of the Hekath Daru Sanru and bound to vassalage under them.     The world had changed, and through the mouth of the Malku, individuals chosen to be their voice, every land got to know of the power of the Hekath Daru Sanru and their inescapable will.     I too received the honor of being chosen and became the Malku in service of the Sage. Kingdoms crumbled, enemies were annihilated, and the land was strewn with the bodies of the dead. Every known continent underwent a new, dark evolution. So it was, and so it will be in the centuries to come, within the shadow of the eternal kingdom of the Divine Hekath Emperor, towards the rebirth of the whole human race."  
- From the Memories of Callisthenes, the Sage's voice and loyal servant of the Emperor



Evolution Pulse Rebirth is a tabletop RPG set in a dark, antediluvian world subjugated by mystical alien gods, where humanity's Castes either revere or reject their rule.

  With the opening of the Kunuk Surrum, a cursed black casket, Alexander the Great has accidentally invited something to Earth: the Hekath Daru Sanru, powerful beings immediately hailed as the Divine. Once free, the most powerful among them brands the masses with the Igisum Duga, a seal that grants supernatural boons but also forces subjects into submission. Thus the Empire is born, its borders eating into the Wild in a frenzied rush for control. But the Wild fights back – the Castes of free people are determined to ward off the Empire and an army of feral, mythological creatures refuse to surrender their dominance over nature.   Evolution Pulse Rebirth allows you to chronicle the events unfolding in the struggle between Empire and Wild, Imperial and Wild Castes, and Hekath Daru Sanru and Myths.  

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