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Home of the Empire

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  Once a rich tapestry of countries and cultures, the southern continent of Oyekos has been mostly swallowed up by the expanding Hutsai Empire. Although two centuries have passed since the rise of the empire, many cultures try to hold onto the traditions of the past. It gets harder as time passes and the empire tightens its hold.   A curling range of red-rocked, sheer mountains known as the Shards protects the both the east and south from the empire's militaristic grip, as well as the baking, harsh temperatures of the north. The empire bears the brunt of the equatorial sun, a hard land of desert, rocky hills, and endless plains. The river known as the Father winds through the desert, providing the empire with a vein of life. Beyond the mountains, cooler weather to the south gives rise to lush temperate forests and fertile land. The east, sheltered by the mountains, is characterised by vibrant jungle.

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