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WIP - Summer Camp 2023

The merfolk city of Erevenor once was the capital of the Mareni Empire, the jewel of the Sinien Ocean. Over the two millennia since the empire fell, the city has played host to no less than eight other civilisations, each of which has added their own layer of history and culture - and name - to the city. Currently, Erevenor is home to the Xaishe, a martial and pragmatic people who have ruled the city since they saved it from the brink of ruin in 5115 EA.   The old Mareni part of the city still exists, but more than fifty percent is currently underground. Much of this is still accessible through subterrannean tunnels. The rest of the city is an eclectic mix of the last two thousand years, from towering spires to squat dwellings. The Xaishe have added their own touches to the architecture of Erevenor, including a spiked arena for gladiatorial combat and an intimidating wall that encircles the city.   Whilst the wall itself does not do much for the defence of the city - any attackers could just swim over it - the city does have some defences. The space around the city that is not used for farming is dotted with reefs of fire coral and places where barbed nets can be deployed quickly. Since the Xaishe took control of the city, there are always bastion sharks about, the domesticated species of shark that the culture use for battle and protection.   The inhabitants of Erevenor are seventy percent Xaishe, who are currently in control. Twenty percent of the inhabitants are Crish, remnants of the culture that ruled the city before the Xaishe took over. The last ten percent of inhabitants are made up of different cultures of merfolk from across the Sinien Ocean. In this, Erevenor is the exception rather than the rule, as merfolk settlements tend to be rather homogenous.

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Author's Notes

Thanks to Stormbril for naming the city.

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Aug 8, 2023 03:39 by Rashkavar

Oh, I love the idea of giving the city so many layers of civilization. Seems like it would feel like a city like Athens or Rome, with monuments of the old and the ancient standing side by side with modern construction. But all underwater, of course. (Also I'm kinda impressed you have 8 different civilizations capable of living underwater - that's a lot of diversity given underwater cultures are generally pretty peripheral and don't get much depth in their development at all.)

Aug 8, 2023 13:22 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Thank you so much. I've been having fun with merfolk this Summer Camp <3

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