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History of Estya

Laohis Era

EC 0 - 517

Declared by The Disciple Order | Means "Time Before Time"
Estimated 510 years before recorded history, where Estyans have evidence the world existed, but have nothing expansive.

  • Circa Laohis 0
    Earliest Magical Signature
    Scientific achievement

    The earliest evidence of Estya is discovered in the form of a magical signature dating 2500 years before most record-keeping began.

Analar Era

EC 0 - 95

Declared by The Disciple Order | Means "Time of Light"
Analar Era spans the approx. 95 years between the founding of the Disciples and the collapse of the Order.

  • 1.1 Analar 0
    Disciples Founded

    On New Year's Day, twelve people are simultaneously resurrected by the mothers of magic, and form The Disciple Order to spread their word of peace and enact their will.

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  • Analar 87
    Height of the Disciple Order
    Religious event

    The Disciple Order reaches its height, with members scattered across Estya practicing the magic of the Mothers and following their tenants. However, some radicals believe the Twelve Founders have strayed away from the Mothers' will.

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  • 12.6 Analar 95
    Disciples Fracture

    The Disciple Order is fractured, with the original twelve founders executed, and insurgents beginning to wage a holy war across Estya that results in loss in favor from the mothers of magic.

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