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Moonlight Expanse Loyalists:

Once a loyalist, always a loyalist. And challenging the Itude Empire is all you've ever known. The war is all you've ever known and you'll stand beside the Retribution Alliance to take down the horrid threat. This will reveal all secrets and spoilers regarding the Moonlight Expanse, such as hidden plots, relations, and historical events.

Itude Empire Soldiers:

As a soldier, your scarred body reminds everyone what you are fighting for: revenge. You can never forgive the Moonlight Expanse for what it has done to your family, your home, your empire. This will reveal all secrets and spoilers regarding the Itude Empire, such as hidden plots, relations, and historical events.

Gears Rebellion:

You have chosen to fight back against the Itude Empire and all that they stand for. You wish to see the empire brought to the ground so that it may be rebuilt with peace and equality in mind. This will reveal all secrets and spoilers regarding the Gears Rebellion, such as hidden plots, relations, and historical events.

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ESKǍVAËÍS "A paranormal world like Underworld meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Supernatural!"

Year 2016 EoL

Created by

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Content Warning:

The following content in this world may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.   This world contains anxiety, depression, heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, suicide and attempted suicide, slavery, scenes of self-harm, survivor's guilt themes, violence against LGBTQ+ characters, death, murder, violence in general, child abuse, vulgar language, and sexual themes.   If you experience any triggers to one or more of those listed above, please refrain from looking at this world.   *Author's note: In no way do I condone or believe in any of the above. Okay, maybe the vulgar language, such as cursing. Also, people have a right to their sexual needs, as long as the dirty stuff is left at home in privacy of their bedroom for the sake of children.
"To define this world, one must know Murphy's law:
If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. That is the way of this world. So, if you believe you are safe, think again. If you think you can run, well... There is nowhere to run that the war can't find you..."
— Amelia Nite

Welcome To Eskǎvaëís

Eskǎvaëís is set in a galaxy far away from the planet Earth, even if the two are very similar. Although this world seems common to most fantasy and dark paranormal settings, this world strives for a universe written to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. I designed Eskǎvaëís to be the outline of the world that is The Bound Trilogy, a book series written by me. If you are a reader of either genre, you'll feel right at home in the foundation of what the setting is built upon.   On Eskǎvaëís, there is a continent named Chymoús that is filled with grim hope and utter darkness from a devastating war. (Okay, so they have sunlight, but metaphorically, darkness looms around every nook and cranny.) Dive into your journey with an Introduction to Eskǎvaëís. In this codex, I will provide you with a living world, full of passion, angst, mystery, and intrigue. I hope it entertains and inspires you with your own work. Eskǎvaëís awaits your descent...

So, before we start...

  Howls can be heard in the distance as gunshots ring out overhead. Flares of herbalism magick - water, air, fire, earth, forest, and lightning - fly through the air. The Chymoús War has split the continent down the middle, leaving so many struggling to figure out where they stand.   Sword and staff, gun and shield. Stone castles, metal walls, and explosions around every corner. These are the sights of warfare across Chymoús. Eskǎvaëís beyond the continent has been scarred by the Goddess of the Moon's hatred for all vampiric kind and her loyal werewolves. The children of the Fates may only be the first of those gods and goddesses to change the tide.   You're sitting at the table, and wondering what's next?  
Please roll for which side you are on.