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Ragnarok Era Dramatis Personae

Ægir — the sea jötunn husband to Rán   Ælfhere — jarl of the Waegmundings; a Sviar   Agautr — a prince of the Odlingar, brother to Sten and to Herja   Agilaz Farshot / Agilaz Wadeson — a Kven hunter who joined the Hasdingi Ás Clan and became a thegn to Hadding; father of Hermod, husband to Olrun   Alci Gundericson — jarl of the Godwulfs and brother to Hadding   Alf Alrekson — an Yngling king; one of the kings of Uppsalir   Álf the Bragning — a prince of the Bragnings, raised as a draug by Grimhild   Alrek Agneson — one of two brothers who shared the throne of Uppsalir before they slew each other   Altvir — Volund’s wife, a valkyrie   Amelias — a smith to Nidud   Andvari — a dverg craftsman who went into exile because of the maddening jealousy his creations evoked in his kin; son of Hreidmar   Angantyr Arngrimson — the eldest son of Arngrim, a berserk, and wielder of Tyrfing until slain by Hjalmar   Annar Ótmarson — jarl of the Athra; Odin’s cousin   Arnbjorn Radmundrson — jarl of the Itrmanni   Arngrim — one of the last surviving royal Döglinar, Hervor’s grandfather   Ásagrimmr — a title of Odin meaning “Lord of the Æsir”   Astolfo — Roland’s cousin   Astrid — a thrall held in the dverg mines of Nidavellir   Audr Nóttson — a Lof prince who betrayed his people to gain power from Nótt   Aurgelmir — the progenitor of the frost jötunn bloodline   Axe, the — an old raider who fought many wars in the North Realms; a Sviar   Bedvig Magison — jarl of the Skaldun clan   Bestla — Odin’s mother, a woman of the Athra Ás clan, sister to Annar’s father Ótmar   Bjore Bentson — a Hasding warrior   Bodvild Nidudsdotter — the princess of Njarar   Borr Burison — former jarl of the Wodanar, father to Odin, Vili, and Vé   Bragi Bluefoot — a famed skald   Bragi Halfdanson — founder of the Bragnings; he left his people to marry Idunn and was given immortality among the Vanir, becoming worshipped as the god of poetry; the only son of Halfdan the Old still living   Brynhild Grimrsdottir — the daughter of Grimr Ketilson, who was sent to foster with Heimir of Hlymdalir   Carr Völsungson — one of Sigmund’s brothers   Colborn Völsungson — one of Sigmund’s brothers   Durin — a dverg prince   Dvalin — a dverg prince, Volund’s mentor   Ecgtheow — a Wægmunding (a Sviar clan) thegn to King Gylfi of Dalar   Eikkr Yngvison — The younger son of Yngvi   Einar — an Yngling karl   Eir — völva to the Athra Ás clan   Eira — wife to Orvar-Oddr   Eostre — a Vanr worshipped as the goddess of dawn; Idunn’s mother   Eric Agneson — an Yngling king, uncle to Yngvi and Alf   Erik Raggison — thegn to Hadding   Ewald — a mercenary hired by Wudga   Eynef Heimarson — a Niflung king, father of Rakni   Fenrir — the varulf progenitor   Ferumbras — a Serk who defected from his people and joined the paladins   Fimafeng — a saealf servant to Rán   Fitela Siggeirson — Sigmund’s nephew, who joins him on his quest for vengeance   Fjörgyn Radmundsdotter — Frigg’s mother, dead some winters back   Flosshilde — a nix (river saealf) in Valland   Folke — a karl to King Haki of Ostergotland   Freki Odinson — one of the twin babes Odin adopts after slaying their varulf mother; twin to Geri   Freyja Njördsdotter — princess of the Vanir, a sorceress worshipped as the goddess of magic and sex; former apprentice to Mundilfari; sister to Freyr   Freyr Njördson — prince of the Vanir, a warrior, god of battle who wields Laevateinn; brother of Freyja   Fridthjof Herthiofson — a petty king in Nidavellir, defeated by Vikar   Frigg Haddingsdotter — daughter of Hadding, a völva; half-sister to Sigyn   Fulla — maid to Frigg   Gagnrádr — a name for Odin   Ganelon — Roland’s uncle; a Vall   Gefjon — a Vanr worshipped as the goddess of plenty; said to have dug up the island of Sjaelland for Skjöld; the Skjöldungar claim to be descended from her   Geigad Rockfist — a famed mercenary   Geir Maurson — thegn to Annar; an Ás of the Athra clan   Geri Odinsdotter — one of the twin babes Odin adopts after slaying their varulf mother; twin to Freki   Gjúki Raknison — King of the Niflungar, husband to Grimhild   Grim Shaggy-Cheeks — a Nidavelliran prince of Halgoland   Grimhild — sorceress-queen of the Niflungar and high priestess of Hel   Grimr “Shaggy-Cheek” Ketilson — the famed son of Ketil the Trout, who led his people before his death; a Haleygr   Gudlög — a pirate king in Hálgoland, slain by Jorund; a Haleygr   Gudmundr — King of Glaesisvellir; a jötunn   Gudrún Gjúkisdotter — daughter of Gjúki and Grimhild; a sorceress   Gullveig — a Vanr alchemist   Gunnar Gjúkison — Gudrún’s younger brother   Gunther Uffeson — a karl to Jarl Bjalmar; trained Hervor in the use of arms   Guthorm — bastard son of Grimhild, an assassin-sorcerer   Gyda — a shieldmaiden sworn to Haki   Gylaug Gudlögson — son of the pirate king of Hálgoland   Gylfi — King of Dalar, a Yngling   Hadding Gundericson — Jarl of the Hasdingi, ruler of Halfhaugr, now an old man   Hagbard — brother to Haki, a Gaut   Haki — king of Ostergotland, a Gaut   Halfdan the Old — a half-alf man who turned to dark powers for ever longer life; sired nine sons who went on to found the Old Kingdoms   Hallr Stonecrusher — a varulf of the Godwulf clan   Heidr — völva of the Wodan Ás clan   Heimdall — the Watcher on the Bridge who guards the space between life and death   Heithr Gylfisdotter — King Gylfi’s daughter, mother of Svarflami; friend to Sif   Herja — an Odling princess, sister to Sten and Agautr who betrayed her brothers to take the throne; she was betrayed in turn by the Niflungar and cursed to eternal torment as a ghost   Hermod Agilazson — a scout for the Hasdingi, son of Agilaz and Olrun, foster brother to Sigyn   Hervor Angantyrsdotter — last of the royal Döglinar, a shieldmaiden seeking vengeance   Hjalmar — A karl first to Alrek, then to his sons Yngvi and Alf; sought to marry Yngvi’s daughter Ingibjorg   Hjorvard Arngrimson — a brother to Angantyr   Hljod — a girl rescued from trolls by Gudrún.   Hœnir Storkrson — thegn to the Godwulfs, father of Syn   Hreidmar — a dverg; father of Andvari   Hogne Gjúkison — Gudrún’s youngest brother   Hugleik Alfson — son of King Alf of Uppsalir; succeeded Alf to the throne   Hymir — a jötunn who raised Tyr and is possibly Tyr’s father   Idunn — a Vanr worshipped as the goddess of youth and spring   Ingibjorg Yngvisdotter — An Yngling princess; daughter of Yngvi, betrothed to Hjalmar   Inkeri — a shieldmaiden sworn to Haki   Irpa — a wraith bound to Gudrún   Itreksjod — one of Thor’s Thunderers   Ivar the Loud — a Nidavellir raider who worked for the dvergar before Orvar-Oddr recruited him   Jat Erlendrson — a Friallaf thegn   Jorund Yngvison — The elder son of Yngvi   Karolus — emperor of the Valls   Ketil Hallbjornson the Trout — a fisherman who slew a dragon and called it a trout, earning him the same cognomen; later, the ruler of Hrafnista; a Haleygr   Kettil Siggeirson — son of Siggeir Wolfsblood and Sieglinde Völsungsdotter   Knut — a skald of Uppsalir   Kory Arnbjornson — son to the jarl of the Itrmanni   Liv — wife of Erik Raggison, biological mother of Sigyn; deceased   Lodur Atridson — jarl of the Didung Ás clan, friendly rival to Odin; fostered with Borr   Lofdi Halfdanson — youngest son of Halfdan the Old, who founded the Lofdar   Loge — the legendary Firebringer who gave the Lofdar the first Flame   Loki — a foreigner who agrees to help guide Odin to find his father’s killer   Lopthoena Haraldsdottir — a princess of Agder who married Grimr Ketilson after he saved from a Niflung curse   Loridi — a Lof general who helped found the Æsir   Lytir — a Vanr speaker for the Norns   Mani — a Vanr worshipped as the god of the Moon   Marsile — a Serk caliph who rules Salduba   Moda Dallrson — jarl of the Björn Ás clan; a berserk   Motsognir — King of the dvergar of Nidavellir   Mundilfari — former king of Vanaheim, a sorcerer; called the Mad Vanr   Naefil Halfdanson — son of Halfdan the old, founder of the Niflungar line   Naimon — a paladin   Nerthus — a Vanr; wife of Njörd and queen of the sea   Nestori the Warden — founder of the city of Turun   Nidud — King of Njarar who imprisoned Volund, then killed himself after Volund’s terrible vengeance   Njörd — King of Vanaheim, god of wind and sea   Oddgeir the Dani — a paladin originally from Reidgotaland   Odin Borrson — the new jarl of the Wodanar who swears to avenge his father   Oliver — Roland’s dearest friend   Olrun — wife to Agilaz and foster mother of Sigyn   Otwin Nidudson — eldest son of Nidud, the only son to survive Volund’s vengeance   Ragnhild — Queen of Njarar, wife to Nidud   Rán — a saealf called queen of the seas, wife to Ægir   Rathwith — a svartalf prince   Reinhard — a mercenary hired by Wudga   Rerir Sigison — Völsung’s father (Sigmund’s grandfather)   Roland — leader of the paladins   Rolf Quicktongue — a Dani raider   Sieglinde Völsungsdotter — twin sister of Sigmund; marries Siggeir Wolfsblood   Sigar — nephew to Siggeir Wolfsblood   Sigarr Halfdanson — a son of Halfdan the Old who founds the Siklingar   Siggeir Wolfsblood — King of Skane; formerly a jarl under King Haki of Ostergotland, he led a raid into Skane in which he slew both the Skjöldung king and, according to legend, a pack of varulfur   Sigmud Völsungson — a young man who swears to avenge the murder of his father   Signe — daughter of Sigar   Sigyn Haddingsdotter — the bastard daughter of Hadding and half-sister of Frigg; a hunter among the Hasdingi   Skafinn — a svartalf who possesses Jorund   Skjöld Halfdanson — a son of Halfdan the Old who founds the Skjöldungar   Slagfid Wadeson — eldest son of Wade   Snegurka — a nifalf bound to Gudrún   Snorre Nidudson — youngest son of King Nidud of Njarar   Sörkvir — a berserk who tried to claim Brynhild Grimrsdottir and forced her father to face him in holmgang   Starkad Eightarms — one of the most famed raiders in the North Realms   Steinar Ofridrson — Jarl of the Friallaf Ás clan, slain by Odin during the Althing   Sunna Mundilfarisdottir — a Vanr worshipped as the sun goddess; daughter of Mundilfari   Svanhit — a valkyrie who married Slagfid   Svarflami — grandson to King Gylfi of Dalar, son of Heithr   Svarthofda — the fabled first sorceress among Men, and mentor to Naefil   Sveinn — an Yngling warrior who fought alongside Hjalmar   Svipdagr the Mighty — a famed mercenary   Syn Hœnirsdotter — a shieldmaiden of the Godwulf Ás clan   Thakkrad — thegn to Nidud; a Gaut   Thrithi — an alias of Odin   Tiny — a nickname for Ecgtheow   Tyr — thegn to Borr, then to Odin   Ulf Nidudson — middle son to King Nidud of Njarar   Ullr — a famed archer of the Vanir   Valfodr — a title of Odin, meaning “father of the slain”   Vé Borrson — Odin’s youngest brother, a skald   Vern Völsungson — brother to Sigmund   Vikar Bedvigson — son of Bedvig and Zisa, brother to Starkad   Vili Borrson — brother of Odin; an Ás of the Wodan clan; sent to the Björn clan as a child to train as a berserk   Vingethor — the last Ás king, who, with aid from Idunn, led the Æsir on the Great March from Kiovia into Aujum   Vófuthr — a wizard/hermit in the wilds of Sviarland; an alias of Odin   Völsung Rerirson — King of Rijnland   Volund Wadeson — the son of Wade and an unknown mother; Volund was trained as a master smith by the dvergar; for a time he was imprisoned by King Nidud of Njarar until he escaped and wrecked infamous vengeance upon the man’s line   Wade — the bastard son of the king of Kalevala   Wudga Volundson — the son Volund begot on Bodvild Nidudsdotter after assaulting her   Ymir — a massive frost jötunn; a common name for Aurgelmir   Yngvi Alrekson — an Yngling prince who took the throne after the death of his father; shares rulership with his brother Alf   Yngvi of Old — a name for Freyr when he lived among Sviars and founded the Yngling dynasty   Zisa Naglisdotter — an Ás hunter and shieldmaiden

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