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Worldsea Era Glossary


aikāne: intimate, often sexual relationships between members of the same sex
aloha: “love” used for “hello” and “goodbye”
heiau: a temple
kai e‘e: a tsunami
ki‘i (tiki): carved wooden masks representing gods
kilu: a game like quoits where a gourd is spun to hit a spoke, often earning one sexual favors
kōnane: a game like checkers
mahalo: “thank you”
mana: spiritual energy, but also life force
mele: a chant
mo‘olelo: tales, legends, and genealogies that contain within them a kind of mana
‘ohana: family, including extended family
pahu: wooden drum topped with sharkskin
tabu: sacred proscriptions
‘ūkēkē: stringed musical instrument
ali‘i: the chiefly class, including royalty
kahuna (plural kāhuna): a member of the educated class of priests, shamans, and teachers


Uluka‘a: an island off the coast of Kahiki
Kahiki: an island (Tahiti)
Sawaiki: an archipelago north of Kahiki (the Hawaiian islands)
Savai‘i: an island (in Samoa)
Old Mu: a continent that sank and left behind various archipelagos
Mu: a mer kingdom centered on the sunken ruins of Old Mu
Hiyoya: a mer kingdom that broke away from Mu
Avaiki: the World of Water, native world of the mer
Pō: the Astral Realm (e.g. the Penumbra), literally “night”
Lua-o-Milu: the “pit of Milu,” an underworld of ghosts
Uekera: the Tree of Life


akua: gods, including mer and menehune
‘aumakua (plural ‘aumākua): ghost gods and ancestor spirits
he‘e: sentient octopuses
kupua: demigods, including shifters and mo‘o
lapu: angry ghosts
menehune: Earth akua
mer: Water akua (e.g. mermaids and mermen)
mo‘o: smaller dragons descended from the great taniwha of old, sometimes able to take human form
Nightmarchers: spirits of darkness or possibly ghosts that steal souls (The Wild Hunt)
taniwha: sea dragons


malo: a man’s loincloth
kihei: a shoulder wrap
pa‘u: a woman’s skirt
tapa: cloth made from tree bark


awa: a narcotic drink
imu: an underground oven
poi: paste made from taro root

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