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The Royals Hearth

While not always containing fire, the Royal's Hearth is a staple item in every Royal's palace. Mainly because it's basically a big heirloom from the mothers of the Elementals. And literally contains the mother's powers that constantly burn, spark, or whatever else that Elemental's magic does. The Golden Elemental magic never ceases, unless the Royals of a species of Elementals are dead for too long. But if that happens, there are bigger things to worry about than a little heirloom that stopped working.  


While mostly referred to as an heirloom, the magic contained within the hearth is very potent. Enough that it will kill anyone who touches it, unless they are a Royal of the Element of the magic. The higher the magic "burns" the stronger the Royals of that Element as it's influenced by the amount of Gold the Royals control. It's not that Elementals of the same type can't touch the magic because it'll hurt them the way it'd hurt the human. Instead, the amount of Gold in the hearth literally overpowers them, and they die. The Royal guard, and those Royally Blessed can actually touch the Golden magic, and often describe it as comforting as a hug, though only those that are Royally Blessed can actually use the power within.   In addition to the potent magic inside them, the hearths allow a Royal to easily speak with their Elements mother if they touch it. While it won't aid in summoning them, it does make summoning them less needed.  


The hearths' appearance differs based on the Elementals it was made for. The Firen hearth for example looks a golden tabletop fire place with Golden flames that constantly dance. The Ice hearth looks similar, except someone decided to fill said fireplace with golden ice cubes instead, paired with a golden breeze and snow. The Lightning hearth is filled with lightning constantly striking from small golden clouds. The Earthren hearth is filled with golden crystals, with calm golden energy moving above them.
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