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Ash Walkers

Those that live outside the cities and instead live in the Firen Volcanic Range, usually in small towns. These towns often change, with The Scourge destroying them as they do to other towns on the Firen continent. Or the environment destroys them. Either way, those that live in the Volcanic range usually do so for a reason, and those born into it often choose to leave for the safer cities. But of those that stay, or those that join, are united together by a collective goal to survive is one of the most dangerous places in the entire continent.   Ash walkers are taught from a young age to have keen eyes on what is happening around them. It is a moment between life and death when a pyroclastic flow is heading towards a town. Not for the whole extreme heat part of the pyroclastic flow, they are still Fires after all, but for its ability to destroy structures. Fires can't exactly survive a house falling on top of them or being swept off the side of a volcano. They also are famous for their knowledge of the terrain, another essential trait that allows them to move safely across the lava fields.  

To Others

Because of their familiarity of the landscape, Ash walkers that do leave to move to the larger cities don't escape their heritage completely. Especially those that join the military. Their skills allow them as especially effective scouts, and at commanding troops within the Volcanic range. The Ash walkers that join the military are often offered promotions much quicker, as long as they agree to work within their home region. A difficult choice for anyone that moved away to actually get away from it all.   Others don't leave to get away, though, and often take advantage of the market of people who wish to visit the volcanic region. These visitors often want to see all the animals, insects, and plants that live exclusively within this region. And what better way to do so than to trust someone that lives there at least part of the year.   And to those that are trying to get away from something, or want to live free from the walls of the cities, the Ash walkers will always welcome those who have their mental and physical fortitude.


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