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Orphanage matron


A character in Book 1: Rituals of Blood and Power. The matron of the orphanage in the Estate of Arianie where Lady Annabelle Alyssenne grew up. She highly dislikes Annabelle since, even if she was not told of her real identity, it was always clear that Anabelle was from a powerful family, perhaps even a noble one.  

General informations

House: Unknown

Position: Commoner

Job: The matron of the Arianien orphanage where Lady Annabelle Alyssenne grew up.

Politics: Unknown

Line-gift: Unknown

Power level: Unknown

Living Place: Estate of Arianie

Age: Unknown

Skin: Darker skin of the Northerners

Eyes: Dark

Hair: Dark

Table of Contents


Cover image: Map of the Empire of the Covenant by AmélieIS with Wonderdraft


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