The Baron's Prophecy

In most mountain villages of Eltarra there live at least one or two seers. Many come to their small huts in search of promises of great fortunes and shining futures, but on occasion, these folks have produced grander prophecies and foretelling. There have been instances of one such grand prophecy being misinterpreted or misunderstood, the most famous being the case of Baron Kormett.  
When life emerges from the barrens
ancient scars will be healed,
a dormant power shall awaken
and secret keepers yield.
— Siennua the Wise
  At the core of Baron Kormett's misunderstanding was the fact that he had not read the prophecy for himself, merely hearing it from another's lips. Therefore, instead of reading "barrens", Kormett heard "barons". Kormett was not known as an aggressive man, but the person reading to him dared not correct him when it became clear he had misheard them.  

Life Emerges

  The prophecy played on Kormett's mind for many a night afterwards, much like a bards tune that cannot be forgotten. He pondered the words and came to the conclusion that to fulfil this prophecy he could not do it alone. After all, the prophecy said barons, not baron. The more he thought about this, the greater his conviction became and so he approached his neighbour to establish an alliance which would have the potential to bring forth a new power in the land. Fortunately, he had one son remaining that had yet to be married, and his neighbour likewise had a daughter without a husband. Surely this was a sign that Kormett's interpretation of the prophecy was indeed accurate.

Healing Scars

  There was history between Kormett's ancestors and that of his neighbour, so there were hurts that needed to be healed. With this in mind, it took time before they could be convinced of the benefits of an alliance. Eventually, however, Kormett was succesful. The youngsters were joined in marriage, uniting two of the most powerful baronys in the region. Kormett believed that this was at least fulfilling a great portion of the prophecy, but those ancient family scars had yet to be fully healed. Perhaps a new grandson or grandaughter would be the answer?

A Dormant Power

  With the two powers uniting, Kormett and (other_baron) felt they could accumulate enough strength and resources to form a new kingdom. Dusty tomes in Kormett's huge library claimed that an ancient kingdom once ruled here, a discovery that inspired the barons interpretation of a "dormant power".

Secret Keepers

None of Kormett's interpretations were anywhere near accurate, the truth is yet to be revealed.

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