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El-Sod Elohim A World Encyclopedia and Collection of Adventures

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Welcome to a world where the ancient gods - from Norse to Sumerian - faced the twilight of their era, entrusted their legacy to a new generation of deities. These celestial offspring, under the stewardship of Symbel, the guardian of balance and daughter of the primal Void/Chaos, were prepared in the virtues of power and wisdom, waiting for the year 1500 AD to reveal themselves. Emerging into a world vastly different from that of their ancestors, they navigate their existence under a vow of secrecy, blending subtle influence with the pursuit of harmony. This realm invites you to explore the legacy and challenges of these young gods, as they forge a new path between the seen and unseen, shaping destiny from the shadows, and learning what it is to be almost human.
What harm could they do?


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