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The River of Astalia

This gorgeous river flows northward from the [INSERT OCEAN HERE] to the quaint little town of River's End. It gets its name from the legend of Astalia, a folktale of questionable truth that has passed down for many generations about a young girl who drowned in it following strange circumstances.


It is believed that a long time ago, before the Divine Balance, a young elven girl named Astalia set out with her two brothers to explore the nearby region for their nomadic village. She and her brothers came upon this river and stopped for a drink. While they were drinking, they were approached by an angry hag who asked them why they were trespassing at her river. Both of the brothers apologized and said that they just wanted some water to quench their thirst while they travelled. The hag was not pleased with this response so she said to the boys, "So be it. You will have plenty of water from this river!" She then waved her hand and transformed both brothers into fish, cursed to swim in the river for the remainder of their days. Astalia, the oldest and most clever of the siblings knew that such dark beings feed on despair so she persuaded the hag into bringing her brothers back in exchange for her life so that they may despair greatly at her death. The hag agreed to this and told Astalia to go into the water, grab her brothers, and bring them back to land. Astalia did as the hag asked and waded into the water which was deep enough that she had to stand up as tall as she could to keep her nose above the surface. She grabbed the fish that were her brothers and began walking back through the water. After she set her brothers on the edge of the grass, she tried to pull herself out of the water but found herself being pulled in by the water. The hag returned her brothers to their elven form just in time to watch their sister get forcefully pulled under the water and drowned. The sorrow of the brothers was felt immediately and the hag cursed them to see this moment repeatedly for eternity and she feasted on their deep tragedy.

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