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Spiralia (spaɪˈreɪliə)

Exploring the Meaning of Spiralia

Eivrallan culture has long celebrated Spiralia, a holiday commemorating Xoxtris' Breath, the primordial energy said to have formed the universe. This time of year marks an opportunity for introspection and gratitude for all that has been given. Spiralia is an essential part of life in Eivrallan society when people come together to express their appreciation for the gift of life.

Spiralia is a cultural tradition celebrated annually on the first day of the year, honoring the emergence of Xoxtris from their slumber and their opening of the door to life. It is observed around the world and consists of thanksgiving and exchanging symbolic gifts to reflect the recipient’s bond with friends, family, and themselves. Givers and receivers alike recognize this practice to commemorate Xoxtris' Breath, which unites all people regardless of physical distance.

The Evolution of Gift-Giving

Spiralia is an event celebrated in a multitude of ways across the globe. Depending on local customs and traditions, gatherings may include a bonfire where stories and songs expressing gratitude for life are shared. Gift-giving ceremonies are also very popular. For those who wish to celebrate in a quiet, introspective way, nature is a natural destination and provides an environment to contemplate the wonders of the world.

No matter how it is celebrated, the main purpose of Spiralia is to remember and honor Xoxtris’ ultimate gift and to give thanks for the gifts of life. It is a time to reflect on the past, to appreciate the present, and to look forward to the future. It is a time to be grateful for the connections that we have with one another and to recognize the importance of giving and receiving.

In recent times, the meaning of giving presents has become trivialized. To display affluence or curry favor with others, people have shifted away from the deeper intent of gifting. Thus, the true essence of sharing something unique and heartfelt has been obscured. Although gift giving is still a customary gesture during holidays and celebrations, it has been supplanted with selfish displays of opulence and contrived sentiment.

I like to think of a gift as an investment in future favors and privileges. If the return isn't worth it, then I'm not going to bother giving one. I work hard for my money, it's not something to be given away easily.
— Timoth Boyde, Correspondent

The True Essence of Gifting

Gifting has evolved to become a tool for manipulating or attempting to gain an advantage over another person. Initially, it was an act of kindness and appreciation, but often, it is now used as a vehicle for furthering one’s own agenda, flaunting affluence or wielding power. In cases where people are seeking recognition or influence, they can go overboard with their offerings, believing that a more expensive item will earn them favor or give them the upper hand.

The essence of gifting lies in the thought and effort that goes into selecting an item, or even a gesture, of appreciation. In a world increasingly disconnected by physical distance, it can often be difficult to communicate feelings and sentiments. However, if we reflect upon our reasons for gifting and consider what would be meaningful for the recipient, we can bridge the gap and create a connection. When we give, we not only exchange physical gifts but also intangible things such as love, kindness and understanding; it is these things which make gifting so special.


Remembering the Gift of Life

A Reminder of the True Meaning of Spiralia

At the heart of Spiralia lies an appreciation for the gifts of life and of connecting with one another. As a reminder of this, we invite you to travel through time and listen to the last whisperings of the Spirits before Spiralia was lost to materialism and selfishness. Immerse yourself in this audio capture, and reflect on the importance of cherishing the gifts we share.

Let us use this poignant reminder to reconnect with each other and to remember what makes this holiday so special.

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