The international kob festival

The Kob festival is a gathering of kob enthusiasts that is held annually just outside of Sot, the capital of the Northern United Nations.   It is one of the largest festivals on the eastern continents and enthusiasts from all over the world celebrate it by gathering outside of Sot, having baking contests, baking tutorials, taste testings and visiting the lost kob museum in Badr; which is a small community outside of Sot where the festival is held. The Lost kob museum doesn't only celebrate the kob, it also celebrates the culture of the lost.   Jewelry, paintings and other items have also started getting sold at the festival in later years.  


During the years when travel became possible between the west and the east continents, many of the lost traveled to the east continents and settled down close to Sot. They brought their culture with them and thus also their food and snacks. The kob quickly spread over the eastern continents and is now one of the most popular snacks there.  

Start of the festival

Now in modern times, 9 years ago, a human baker with a wife that is one of the lost started this festival together with the people who ran the museum. As the human and the lost woman couldn't have blood children together, them being of different species, he created this festival as a gift to her. Something she could enjoy together with their adopted children.
Status Active
Genre Food festival
Date(s) First day of fall (and the two days after)
Frequency Annually
Location(s) Badr, Sot.
Country NUN
Inaugurated 3890976779AA

  • 3890976779 AA

    The first kob festival was held
    Cultural event

    This was the first time that the festival was held. It only lasted for a day but it was a success.

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