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Eco HQ

You walk through the streets of Eco City to make your way towards Eco HQ. As it looms over the capital, the sun blinds you as the metallic glass exterior bounces the sunlight off its surface. Around you is the sound of the city, the mundane footsteps of the pedestrians around you, the silent droning of the traffic and the occasional Ecosys Announcement reports. The sounds which you have learned to phase out. As you draw nearer to the tower, the noise of radio chatter becomes more frequent as you also notice the presence of the EPF growing larger the closer to Eco HQ you get.

Gate 1

Eventually, you arrive at one of the gates; Gate 1 of 6. The masses of the other residents flocking out of the Lower Campus, whilst those who are entering the Lower Campus are being slowed down. You see the reason of this, as random checks by the EPOs are being made, making sure the law is upheld and the residents are safe.

You have joined the stream of residents to get into the Lower Campus, as it slowly shuffles forward. The silver arches of Gate 1 draw near until an EPO approaches you.

"Resident, please step aside," they order you, "the EPF would like to search you for the safety of yourself and your fellow residents."

What do you do? 1d2
Option Action

You accept the search and the EPO leads you to the side. They then pat you down from head to toe, as they search for any contraband you are carrying.

"Thank you," the EPO steps aside and with their hands, gesturing you to move along.

You may enter The Lower Campus

The EPO tightly grips your wrist and slams you against the nearby wall. 2 other EPOs step closer, in support of the current EPO. Your hands are then forced upon the wall and your legs widened. The EPO's hands are then firmly patting you down from head to toe, as you are searched for contraband. Eventually, you are relieved as their thorough searching has stopped. Their hands are then placed onto your shoulders as they usher you into the Lower Campus.

"Your resistance has been reported," you are told, "if you fail to comply the next time, you will be arrested."

You may enter The Lower Campus

The Lower Campus

Immediately you are introduced to the smell of the greenery which decorates the main street, which leads to the Lobby of Eco HQ. The swarm of people passing by you, causing you to hear the mix of chatter, breath and footsteps.

Points of Interest
Information Boards

You approach a tall, flat device with a 15 by 15 inch screen; when it speaks to you in a computerised female voice, with subtitles being displayed on the screen.

"Greetings Resident, did you know Eco HQ works day and night to ensure the journey to your future is comfortable, joyful and the best you could ever wish for?"

The computer continues automatically.

"At Ecosys your life is our priority, so we aim to do our best you live up to your full potential with our top of the line education system. Our Eco-Schools can teach you the skills you need for your dream job. For only 100,000 credits you can renew your skills. Eco HQ is also hiring, so purchase your new career today!"


Not as tall, but equally as grand as the Eco HQ Tower, the Ecosys Police Force Headquarters is stationed here at the Lower Campus. As you walk nearer to the building, EPOs begin to outnumber the general Residents. Many of then catch your attention, as much as they have caught your's; however you begin to overhear a conversation between two officers.

"Man I really hope Addison and Roberts pull through," you see the name badge on this officer, Gardiner. The other, Pitts.

"Yeah. me too. I was in the academy with those two. They were even in my class," distantly stares down at the floor, as Pitts reminisces.

"Hey chin up," Gardiner's thick leather palm slaps into the padded shoulders of Pitts who returns a smile to their partner, "they're good officers, strong too."

Gathering their witts, Pitts looks up and their attention is now on you, "what are you looking at? Move along."


The Lobby

Points of Interest
Reception Point
Employee's Entrance
"Eco Tower is a symbol of Sol's strive to always aim high and to stand tall, especially as we boldly go into the vast unknown of space."
— CEO of Ecosys


Ecosys Headquarters
Alt. Name(s):
Eco Tower, Eco HQ
Skyscraper, Government Complex

More information

The Ecosys Headquarters (Eco HQ) is the tallest building on Eco-1 and is located in the capital city, Eco City. This skyscraper is 1000 stories tall, full of a wide variety of facilities such as Research & Development, offices of administration and residences.

In order for the tower to be so tall and heavy it was necessary to attach the foundations of Eco HQ to the framework of the core of Eco-1. Making the planet and the skyscraper the same construct.



EPO Attacked!

In the late hours of last night, 2 EPF Officers were ambushed by a group of thugs. Both have sustained major injuries with one fighting for their lives in the Critical Emergency Unit of Phoenix Hospital. Unfortunately, these thugs are still at large and are extremely dangerous.

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