Sophomore Slump

Sophomore Slump was the cheekily titled second album by alt-rock band Robin and the Redheads. Well-received by critics on its debut in 2001, it failed to match the commercial success of its predecessor until the mysterious disappearance of the band’s lead singer following a 2003 concert in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Track List

  1. “The Puppy Ratio”
  2. “Sophomore Slump”
  3. “The Gingers Snap”
  4. “The Monster at the End of This Song”
  5. “Felicia and Gwen (All Over Again)”
  6. “Tijuana Bibles”
  7. “The Green Breast of America”
  8. “It's Always Some Asshole in a Pickup Truck”
  9. “The Surplus Population”
  10. “The Centrifugal Force of the Middle Class”
Record, Musical (Music, Sheet)


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