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Saints of Sam Hill

The Saints of Sam Hill are an extremist religious sect which broke away from The Old Faith during Eden’s Second Age. Characterized by their belief that the goddess Mira has given full control of the world to her sister Phina, the Saints dominate The Nunyan Wastes with their worship of all things flaming and chaotic.


The Saints see it as their divine mission to save every sapient soul in Eden from the corruption of Verglas the Destroyer—a frost demon who seeks to bury paradise in ice so heavy and thick that it will eventually push creation itself right up against the very Gates of Tarnation. The resulting confrontation, between Verglas and the goddess Phina, will mark—at least according to the Saints—the end of all worlds.



As with the Dhoshmorans from whence they came, Saints believe that the universe was created by the goddesses Phina and Mira during the latter days of their own collapsing reality. The primary difference between a Dhoshmoran and a Saint is, as mentioned above, the Saint’s belief that Mira has abandoned her post (so to speak).


Within the sect, the main point of theological debate is whether Mira will return to the fold during the final confrontation between Phina and Verglas. Those who believe MIra is gone for good believe that Verglas might actually be Mira’s child (the connection between ice and water fueling the belief).


But whatever difference the Saints might have amongst themselves, they are united by their belief that the deep volcanic caves which pockmark the icy Nunyan Wastes are evidence that the ultimate battle between good and evil is close at hand.

Religious, Cult


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