Phina’s Flames | E. Christopher Clark

Phina’s Flames

Phina’s Flames are a portable magical alternative to flashlights and other hand-held lamps powered by electricity. They were particularly popular with adventurers who traveled the technophobe kingdoms of Wonderland during the Second Age of Eden.



Each device consists of a single blue orb with a core of Edenite.



Phina’s Flames produce a luminous blue flame when activated, a fire bright enough to illuminate hiking trails and small caves. And though the orbs look dangerous to hold in one’s hand, they are in fact cool to the touch.



The Edenite inside each orb typically lasts for 50 hours before needing to be swapped out or recharged.



Though it may sound great to have a light source that’s cool to the touch, the fact that it looks like a torch but acts like a flashlight sometimes throws users for a loop. Some expect to be able to use their orbs to light fires or otherwise supply warmth, but that’s just not what they do.

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