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Nunyan Representative to The Council of Five

The title of “Nunyan Representative to The Council of Five” is a political position which commands great respect from those in the know, all while being openly mocked by the general populace of Eden.


Given that the Nunyan Representative hails from a country governed by the Village Idiot system, it’s easy to dismiss the delegate as the least of five “equals.” But those who understand how council business works, who see how shrewdly each Nunyan rep conducts themselves, and who remember that Abraham the Honest once held the position—they understand that the person who holds this title is no joke.


No joke, at all.


Edenians from outside Nunya would be surprised to learn that the sole requirement for holding the office of Representative to The Council of Five is that the candidate must never have served as a Village Idiot. While the Free Cities are quite content to be unorthodox in matters of local governance, they approach international matters with the utmost gravity. They know how fragile their status is in Eden, as naught but a loose conglomerate of city states in a fight for their political lives against four much stronger nations.


A new representative is elected every five years by popular vote.


The Representative is tasked with advocating for Nunyan interests and defending Nunyan ideals whenever The Council of Five is in session.


The title was created during The Second Age, alongside similar titles representing The Democratic Republic of the Reek, The United Kingdom of Wonderland, The Ninth Empire of Oz, and The Grand Duchy of the Garden, as part of the first meeting of The Council of Five.

Notable Holders

Abraham the Honest, national hero of Nunya, was elected to the position following his successful deescalation of the Nunyan Civil War. His five-year term, during which more Council business was conducted—and resolved—than in any previous half-decade, became the standard against which Nunyans still measure representatives to this day.

Civic, Diplomatic
Form of Address
The Esteemed Delegate
Source of Authority
The People of the Free Cities
Length of Term
5 years
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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