Temple of Jin-Kira

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  The Temple of Jin-Kira is the largest temple of the Jarren people. It is both a temple made from nature and to revere nature, including their primary moon goddess Mirris. The temple which is formed of the massive tree trunks, branches and root system is more than a half mile in diameter. The temple and its surrounding area are considered sacred ground which the Jarren will protect with fierce abandon attacking non-Jarren on sight. It is an honor for any Jarren to die in defense of this temple.

The Earth We See

  The soil under the shade branches of Jin-Kira is very rich and fertile with all manner of rare and unique flora growing only here. Much of the specialty herbs and alchemical mixtures some directly from the soil of and roots of the Jin-Kira temple.

Stretch for the Moon

  The tree branch canopy acts as a fast transit system and patrol route to protect the sacred temple. There are small way-points formed by the branch to act as sentry locations or defense platforms against ground enemies. Near the center of this natural complex is a wide flat circular section that is used in their prayers and rituals before the light of the moon.


  Most of the chanting and meditation happen below the roots. This system of tunnels provides small space or alcoves for the faithful that guard and maintain the daily rituals for the temple.

Natural Defenses

  The surrounding territory is laced with natural traps ranging from simple pits with poisonous spikes to plants that emit poisonous gasses when disturbed. The Jarren use special rituals where they remove small portions of the trees branches forming bows or quarterstaff with which is smeared with the drying sap and shapped created some of the hardest known wood.
Temple / Religious complex

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