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  The Jarren are the indiginous peepl of the planet Arielle. They appear to have settleed or been seeded on Arielle thousands of years ago as there is no sign of modern technology of space faring ships.    

Gender Importance

  While there is no specific roles or positions assigned by gender much of their Jarren culture has developed from merit and practicality. For example male or female can become a tribal leader or shaman lending widsom and guidance to their people. While building a dwelling or carving a clearing in the wild may fall to males with large frames more appropriate to the task.    


  The Jarren worship Mirris the Mother, protector of the people. Under the mantle of Mirris falls the Forest of Vines or the thousand spirits of the world. Each thing is imbued by Mirris with the energy and purpose of life. They venerate their moon Rize as the physical manifestation of Mirris. Each night she rises to watch her children, guiding them and granting them the inspirations for the future. While they know that the moon is not actually Mirris they conssider it the eyes of Mirris upon the world and that she sleeps in the day turning over rule to the Forest of Vines.   The cycle of light and dark for this planet is exactly 12 hours long for each day and night. This is rare and odd. The Jarren people believe this to be the Balance held in place by the will of Mirris. Should the balance ever slip this would herald a possible apocalypse foretold by the elders of the Jarren.    


  The Jarren are skilled hunters paying close attention to their environment and the cycles within it. They use bows and traps to secure prey for their immediate needs of their family and tribe. There is no concept of over hunting for sport or abundance, A hunter should only hunt as long as he may lift his bow. Once this is not possible he must find another calling.  

Who Are These Cats?

  While the Dune universe is intended to be populated primarily with humans and slight genetic alterations and adaptations these are some alternative tips for dipping your toe in a something more. If playing in a science fiction or science fantasy setting with lots of alien species a close match for the Jarren would be Tabaxi (D&D 5e), Pahtra (Starfinder), Jaka (Talislanta) or other fantasy cat-folk race or species. Another easy inspiration for them could be the Na'vi from the Avatar movie.  
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