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  The planet of Arielle is torn between extremes of culture and physical environment. On one hand the city that have been established were carved out of the very wilderness of the planet leaving cultural and social scars that have been long remembered. On the other hard the wilderness side of the planet represents the awesome power and majesty of the force of nature and the culture that has developed in parallel with it.  




  Five Sapient Cultures
The Jarren are the indigenous people of Arielle before the arrival of starships that brought with them cities of steel and glass. The Jarren are deeply religious and tribal people, They are highly skilled with survival and tracking.  
  • Half-Elf: Nobles and diplomats
  • Pahtra (catfolk): Nature nomad tribes
  • Gnomes: Ruling Tech Culture
  • Orcs: Genetically augmented warriors



      The cycle of light and dark for this planet is exactly 12 hours long for each day and night. This is rare and odd. The Jarren people believe this to be the Balance held in place by the will of Mirris. Should the balance ever slip this would herald a possible apocalypse foretold by the elders of the Jarren.   Hook 2: Threatened by rampantly growing, civilization choking plant life   Threats
  • Glass Eel
  • Burst Wyrm
  • Points of Interest


    Who Rules


    House Tabor

      House Tabour is a House Minor within the Landsraad.  

    House Tabour

  • House Type: House Minor
  • Patron House:
  • Primary Domain: Science / Produce
  • Secondary Export: Science / Understanding
  • Home World: Arielle
  • Banners & Arms: Steel spike citadel on a field of green.
  • House Traits: Science (Domain), Blank (Reputation)


    Who's Who

  • Ruler
  • Consort
  • Heir
  • Advisor
  • Chief Physician
  • Councilor
  • Envoy
  • Marshal
  • Scholar
  • Spymaster
  • Swordmaster
  • Treasurer
  • Warmaster


      The Bene Tleilax consider House Tabour enemies for several reasons. House Tabour originally contracted the Bene Tleilax to help genetically engineer a warrior class for them which they did. However the Bene Tleilax built in dead end genetic code so they could not reproduce always requiring their services and a constant source of Solari. However House Tabour using their own exotic fauna engineered a solution that allowed them to reproduce their results. This allowed House Tabour to end their dealing with the Bene Tleilax creating a lifelong enemy and causing them to consider their research to be a future threat.  
    Traits: Loathing, Debt, Slight, Jelousy

    Secrets & Rumors

      Few in the imperium understand the scope of the Bene Tleilax subterfuge and plots combined with their Face Dancers. The have placed a variety of Face Dancer agents to infiltrate House Tabour at a variety of levels as they work toward gaining any scientific secrets or causing sabotage to the house.    
            Biomes: airborne, aquatic, arboreal, artic, desert, forest, marsh, mountain, plains, subterrean   Several large continents make up the landmass of this earthlike world, which has a single ice cap.   Magic/Psion: Uncommon and outlawed Accord: Peaceful / Single World Government Tech: Starships Sub-Light Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Religion: Orange Bible  
    Star System
    The Large Ass System
    One Moon named Rize
    Class IV
    Noble House
    House Tabour
    Primary Export
    Components from Exotic Flaura
    Large cities and massive wilderness regions
    Galach and cat-tongue
    Locations of Interest
  • Capital City
  • Second City
  • Temple City
  • Azure Sea
  • Alies
    Suk Medical School
    Bene Tleilax
    Starfinder Information
    World Classification
    Terrestrial World


    Cover image: Modiphius Dune RPG


    Author's Notes

    The planet of Arielle is inspired by a medley of sources ...

  • The Dune series by Frank Herbert
  • The Extended Dune Universe by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson
  • Dune: Adventures in the Imperium
  • Starfinder and the Deck of Many World

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