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The Mists

The Mists make up for the largest portion of the known world - meaning essentially - that most of the world is still unknown. It is the land of the lions, terra incognita, the place of many possibilities. It is also a tangible place on it's own, thanks to the magic of the world. There will always be some parts of the world shrouded in mystery. And if you climb atop the tallest building in your town, the clouds that you see acumulate along the horizon, is the mystery in question.   It is impossible to document and map out The Mists - they will not let you. Some things are best hidden out of plain sight as to not disturb the rest of the biome surrounding it. It is believed that these pockets of unstable landscape is the natural defense of the planet to keep everything in balance. If you try to learn too much about these places, you might become the very monsterous existence trapped within not being able to fully go back to where you came from. It is said that everyone who ventures within The Mists will forever be taking a piece of them wherever they go next.   The biggest among them is believed to be the Crescent Mist that spreads from the south to the southeast corners of the main island. No one quite knows how thick it is across, but from side to side it connects between itself the Fanteu Valley with the Inet Empire. Many explorers set out to find out what lies behind it, few of them returned and even fewer are believed about what they witnessed beyond. There are also a couple of aerial shots made using the new technology of hot air baloon travel, which only confirmed that this mist in particular tends to follow the shape of a crescent no matter the season or the wind currents. There are couple of occassions documented in history, when the tide was so strong, it caused this mist to divide in two - although none have been able to verify the accuracy of these tales.

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