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Drake's Dozen

Revolution is coming

Industrial, magical, political; the dual-moon planet of Neyush is on the precipice of change.

People of many different species, reeling from the effects of the Great War almost two centuries ago, are accelerating into a new age, fueled by innovative discoveries and forgotten secrets. The event that ended the war and decimated an entire people is referred to as The Blink.

No-one knows how or why it happened, though many have theories.

Little fish, big pond

The Blink also brought change to the Dozen.

Empty metaphysical Spheres of existence, or the homes of unknowable, ancient gods? Opportunities for life-enhancing magitech, or eldritch traps waiting to ensnare the curious? Aspects of reality as normal as time and gravity, or complex creations of the Drake herself?

Whatever the Dozen truly are, something is different now. Something changed with the Blink. Something is coming to Neyush.

Are the secrets behind the Dozen the key to saving it, or the catalyst for its doom?

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Kolkuzhn Jailhouse

You have been found guilty of allowing a lawkeeper from the mainland to sully our shores with their arrogance.

Although they were killed off by the unplanned appearance of Captain Bloodscale and her Bloodeyes themselves, your intent was clear.

For this most heinous of crimes, you are hereby sentenced to exile from this haven. Starting one day from now, the pirate cease-fire will no longer apply to you, your current crew, or any ship you happen to be serving on.

I suggest you go and prepare to set sail.

Strict rules, not good rules

The Jailhouse is the central hub of law-keeping in Kolkuzhn, and operates almost completely of its own accord, answering only to Captain Bloodscale.

One might think this makes the island a gentle, safe, family-friendly place to visit. One might be correct, if it weren't for the fact that the rules are:

  1. Don't kill, unless in self-defence or the defence of another

  2. Don't step aboard someone else's ship without explicit consent

  3. Don't bring mainland law-enforcers to shore

Other than that, essentially anything goes.

'Jail' house

The punishment for most crimes against Kolkuzhn is exile or execution, so the actual 'jail' part of the jailhouse sees little use other than as a drunk tank.


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10 Aug, 2021 11:53

Pretty interesting that breaking the rules actually brands pirates as being free to raid by other pirates.

Feel free to check out my WorldEmber 2022 page if you want to see what I am up to!
Sage PanAndPaper
AS Lindsey (Pan)
10 Aug, 2021 11:59

Yup! Kolkuzhn operates on a profitable but very fragile ceasefire...

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