The Community City of Emberlings

Folks call this place the Community City of Emberlings because they argue it is just that. Stretching for miles is a collection of farms, markets and, of course, inns. Storehouses also feature this landscape of fields. Just like any other city, there are places of law and order, politics and security.

Trust me when I say, the only crime here is not having a good time. That is right, we Emberlings are all about having fun. Yes, we work and we work hard; but we play even harder! I do miss it. Emberington is home. Not just for me, but for everyone; for the community is the people.

Boroughs of Emberington


Located by the Alborough Sea, Waterside is full of harbours, dockyards and shipwrights; all contributing to the fishing and maritime industry of Emberington. Small cargo ships also come to dock here for importing and exporting goods for trade. Also famed for The Married Oar Pub.



This is where most of the upper classes live, though this place is not closed off like what many upper-class areas would do. In fact, houses here are just that. No grand mansions spreading across acres of land, but simple, modest houses with well-kept gardens.


North Hazelford

One of the many farming boroughs. The lands are painted with shades of gold and green. Fields upon fields of wheat, hay and vegetables; decorated with orchards of apples and pears. The borough also has multiple marketplaces and places of social interaction. North Hazelford is also home to many bakeries and, most importantly, breweries; which process and make products out of the crops.



Another farming borough, but with livestock than crop. This is where most of the Collie Riders work to herd their flock, making sure their field to field rotation is kept up. The Collie Rider pub is in this borough, which Kay's Visit fans would recognise very much.



Also known as the Handy'ling District, Mosspass is the central place for tool making and repair. It's correct to assume Mosspass and Emberhill work closely together. Thus to accommodate the high traffic volume of the carts, wagons and wheelbarrows; Derland Avenue was constructed, a tracked road system built for carts to be pushed along efficiently and with fewer incidents of carts bumping into each other - which created the sport, Bumper Carts.



Emberhill houses the miners and forgeries of Emberington. Halfling Emberlings often need specialised equipment for them to do their jobs. Many Dwarves come to Emberhill to help out. Some Dwarves are from Koldrheim, as they may have been contracted - or hired - by some Emberling companies.


Most of the populous here is Halflings, however, there is a percentage of Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves and Humans. All of the people here call themselves Emberlings, who are very proud of their home and heritage. Wealth in this city varies, as mostly the owners of the farms and businesses are the richest; however, folks are not as shroud as one might think. In fact, the managers of business often treat their staff with much respect. Wages and working conditions are always kept had a comfortable livable level.   There are also a high number of tourists who visit the city, who come for the fresh air and stunning views of the wavey crop fields. Also, this city is famous for its Autumn Harvest Festival, where Emberlings and even tourists, get stuck in a help with the harvest. It is also the time for children to try Collie Riding, play Bumper Carts and various other games to win prizes.


The city is run by a council. This council addresses any problems the town might encounters, such as blight, resource scarcity and any rises in danger. Another way to describe the council is it is their job to manage the city. They also deal with the city's diplomacy with the Elven City, who often request certain goods for Emberington to deliver. This is not a ransom, as Emberlings understand the Elves often have their needs too.

There are multiple departments within the council which have their own responsibilities. Each department has a leader or Head. The departments are:

  • The Department of Commerce - Regulating trade, taxes and the council's finances.

  • The Department of Safety - Controls the security and policing of the City.

  • The Department of the Outside - Deals with the diplomacy with outside realms.

  • The Department of Health - Aids the people's health.

  • The Department of Education - Educates by managing the schools.

  • The Department of Arcana - Handles all affairs dealing with Magic.

Much of the populous are happy with how the City is run. Emberlings understand the council are there for the people and are genuinely working with their best interests at heart.


Guards do patrol the city. Each borough has a barracks or building of sorts where they go to rest, train and work. Guards are also stationed at various guardposts too. They help keep the peace in the streets. Petty crimes do happen, however, the guards are known to catch these criminals; for Emberlings are nosy and they love to talk about what they have seen.  


Emberington has no military, instead, this city is defended by the Elven Guard of Mao Thalas. In return Emberington supplies Mao Thalas with food, drinks, clothes, furniture and other commodities. This ensures the everlasting peace within Emberington, whilst also providing the protection they need.


Much of the maritime trade happens in the Waterside borough, which links the city to various off land places. There are also trade routes inland, particularly routes which lead north into Koldrheim. The industry of this city are mostly agricultural, however, the city also produces its own commodities. Trading is still, however, a crucial element for the city, for Emberington is not quite full self-sufficient. Fortunately, their methods of growing surplus amounts of food and preserving these foods feeds their economy; whilst the luxury Ember Wool items, provide a market for the upper-classes of the world.


Emberington is a large open city full of farms, workshops, inns & taverns, houses, markets, and shops. Each borough is intricately connected to a network of roads and canals. Every corner is signposted and maps are available to purchase; though the locals are more than happy to give directions, even a tour.


Emberington is South of Koldrheim.

Natural Resources

Most of the resources here are agricultural goods, like grain, fruit, meat, dairy produce and fabrics. The most famed and popular resource is Ember Wool from Ember Wool Sheep - an extra thick fur, which is the result of the cold climate that drifts southwards from Koldrheim. Emberlings also think is it their method of herding these sheep using Collie Riders.

Alternative Name(s)
The Community City of Emberlings
Large city
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