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The Chariot of the Septenaries

The Chariot of the Septenaries is a Rephaim constellation that the Wrecca call The Pleiades. Each of the seven stars are named after one of the Seven Holy Ones or Septenaries who serve the throne of the Great Mother.
  1. Sariel, "Prince of God"
  2. Zadkiel, "Righteousness of God"
  3. Phanuel, "Face of God"
  4. Sarathiel, Discipline and Penance of God"
  5. Remiel, "Thunder of God"
  6. Hanael, "Grace of God"
  7. Ananiel, "Cloud of God"
  Their configuration in a chariot is important to the beliefs of the Rephaim, who teach that the Holy One occasionally visits the world in a great chariot. Many forms of Rephaim magic and Trivian Gramarye are based on the idea of learning to be the charioteer of the practitioners mirrored chariot.   The Chariot is regarded as a symbol of good fortune. As a result it adorns jewelry, clothes, art, and architecture..   It is also regarded as the sign of heaven, marking the passage to the divine realm, making it the direction of prayer and devotion for the Trivian Faith.


by C. E. Dorsett
The Chariot was first recorded in Jasher's Book of the Dead which recounts the origins of the Rephaim. Jasher says that the stars appeared to mother Lilith in a dream and a voice said, "Follow my chariot and you and your children will find a homeland." The first ones followed the constellation to find the land they would name Eretsnoth, "the land of their wandering."   The constellation featured prominently on their coins and of successive kingdoms and empires because it was believed to lead to great fortune.   Over the centuries the constellation and the Sigil inspired by it have featured heavily in the art and magic of the Rephaim and the Trivians.   During their Solstice and Equinox celebrations, the Trivians face toward the constellation during prayers. An enchanted armillary sphere sits on its own altar in every Trivian shrine and temple marking the location of the stars. The most devout even have a small one in their home shrine for private devotions.
Alternative Name(s)
The Chariot, The Sign of Heaven, The Holy Seven, The Seven Siblings, The Seven


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