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Sanguinem Fame (Blood Hunger)

Sanguinem Fame or the Blood Hunger is a rare condition contracted from prolonged use of the Cor Lamia potion


The Blood Hunger is caused by excessive us of the Cor Lamia potion which itself mimics the appearance of Vampirism.


The first symptoms of the blood hunger are a dulling of the iris of the eye and a reddening of the the tissues around the eye. These are followed by an insatiable thirst that if not treated at this point turns to a madness where the victim craves blood. They don't require it, but its consumption brings a euphoria and a temporary cessation of the hunger.


In its early stages, the victim simply needs to be prevented from consuming more Cor Lamia, and the remnants in their system have to be flushed out.   Once the thirst has come upon them, they must have the residual energy of the potion exorcised from their system or it will continue to corrupt them without further consumption of the potion.   Should they have succumb to the blood hunger, a Pardoner is required to cleanse their system, and a Confessor must return them to them to their senses through repeated interventions.


If the blood hunger is treated early, the victim will fully recover with no long term effects.   Once a person is returned from the madness of the full blood hunger, they will have to be crave the Cor Lamia potion for the rest of their lives, and will require treatment for addiction.


In some individuals who recovered from the madness of the blood hunger, a condition called the Ghala occurs in which the psyche fractures and the milder version of the madness returns. If they contract the Ghala, their skin will fade to a pale, sickly white, no matter its original color and their hair will fall out. Their skin will sag and they face numerous deformations.


The use of Cor Lamia has been restricted and monitored.


The first case of blood hunger dates back to 1047 CE where an "outbreak" among the wrecca occurred in Kievan Rus. These Upir as they were called were confused for the Ryukishi. Several taverns had their beverages adulterated with Cor Lamia either as a prank or an attack on their population.   It took several years to track down the cause of the outbreak. Once discovered, the poisoning stopped. No one was ever caught or held responsible.

Cultural Reception

On account of its rarity, the blood hunger was more of a cultural boogie man than a threat to be taken seriously. "Don't talk to you mom like that or you might get the blood hunger." "You shouldn't fight in school or you'll get the blood hunger."   Since the recent epidemic, more people are taking it seriously, but it is still often considered a story to frighten children.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare


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