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Mother Soteria

Mother Soteria Agatha Sybil Warrick

Born Agatha Warrick on December 18, 1689 in Eldham, Aernadael, she ascended to the position of Mother Soteria of the Ashborne Temple in Blackwood County in 1980, after her Mother, the resident Nana Thea retired.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Agatha was born during the of the Glorious Revolution in the Trivian village of Eldham in the Kingdom Aernadael to Nicola and Astra Warrick, who feared continuing war and strife in the Wrecca world. Not long after her birth, they filed for permission to immigrate to Vinland, Markland, or Helluland.  

The Journey to Avalon

They received permission to travel in 1696 to the Province of Avalon in Vinland. Her father, Nicola, was trained as a pardoner, and his skills were deemed valuable to Dark Lady Ina Blackwood in establishing the new province on firmer footing.   To their surprise, Dark Lord Alaric Blackwood himself made provision for the belongings, and personally flew them to Nightfall Manor to learn of their new home.   When they arrived, the Dark Lord and Lady informed them they set aside land in the Millgrave Forest around Rathfold Falls to establish a Trivian settlement. They wanted Nicola to serve as the county Pardoner, and for Astra to be the Mother Soteria of the county.   Even though she was only seven, Agatha was struck by the graciousness of the Dark Lord and the cold distance of the Dark Lady. For a day, her parents explained to her what a great honor it was to be invited to have these positions, but it meant that she would more than likely be an only child. After her rite of ascension to Mother Soteria, Astra would be mother of the community, and the magic it difficult for her to have anymore children.   Agatha didn't understand that price then, but she saw how happy her parents where and didn't want to be the reason they couldn't fulfill their dreams. She agreed, and they delivered the news to the Dark Family.  

The Birth of Ashborne

Agatha went with her family and a Fae who called himself Cloud Nightflower, to weave the enchantment to set the land apart for their use. A giant name Jolith came and helped them build the first buildings, including the temple and their home.   When they weren't hard at world building their new community, Agatha played with Cloud and Jolith, who were kind. She was never sure who enjoyed their games more, she or them.   Over the next months and years more Rephaim and Trivian people arrived, and they brought their children with them. Agatha still found time to play with Cloud and Jolith. She found their games so different and much more fun.

Gender Identity





She was educated at the Blackwood Abbey School for Drycraft and Gramarye, The Seelie Conservatory of Ancient Memory, and Cloumarth's Arcane Academy for the Old Ways which has grounded her more types of magic than the most Rephaim or even Mothers Soteria are ever exposed to.

Failures & Embarrassments

In 1968, she left Ashborne like many others and started a commune that welcomed wrecca among them. She founded the Circle of the Luminous Song which grew to have over 150 members at its height. In the fall of 1972, a member of the Recorder of Shadows found them and the group attacked. She saved as many as she could and fled the wrecca world.

Mental Trauma

The murder of her father still gives her nightmares. His death was blamed on the Dwayyo, but she doesn't believe the story. As a result, she still views it as an unsolved mystery.

Intellectual Characteristics

Over the centuries, she has not only read, but spoken with many of the most important thinkers of their age in Aernadael and among the wrecca.

Morality & Philosophy

Right and wrong are such outdated modalities. There is only appropriate and inappropriate, but not based on any set of archaic and arcane rules. One must take in the nature of the place, time, and situation they find themselves in and take the appropriate action to bring harmony to the situation. The difficulty in this task is high because most actions can only be judged by the effect they have and what ripples out from it in the world.   That doesn't mean she doesn't see anything as good or evil, but only a limited number of actions fall into such strictures. The world is a fluid and dynamic place. One must be like water, soft when flowing, hard when hit, and able to overtake obstacles in its way.

Personality Characteristics


She desires nothing less than the preservation of her people and their way of life, but not in the dogmatically rigid ways of the past. There isn't a path forward only a dance to the freeform music of life where up can be down, and everything is always spinning.


Religious Views

Like most Rephaim, the voice of the Luminary Eleleth first filled her dreams when she was a child. She believes that Yalda Bahuth lurks just beyond the edge of the wild seeking souls to corrupt and bring to the cause of chaos.   Unlike her mother, she doesn't believe that the opposite of chaos is order, it is harmony, and she has used her power and position to spread her philosophy not only through the Trivian Community, but to the Seelie Court and to the meetings of the Blackwood County Council.   Harmony is not the same thing as balance, which holds that all things must exist in equal measure. True Harmony happens when every voice finds its place in chorus without overwriting others. A single voice can change the song with an inspired countermelody, but every voice has its part to play.   These views have led some to derisively call her Mother Concordia, but she accepts the title with a roguish smile.

Social Aptitude

Having grown up in the county court, she knows her decorum and when it is appropriate to break protocol.

Hobbies & Pets

She has a pet pard name Aozora.

Wealth & Financial state

As Mother Soteria, she has sworn to care from the community and has renounced all her property and possessions which passed to her natural and unnatural children.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Mother Soteria, Queen of Souls, Lady of the Netherworld
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
December 18, 1689
Year of Birth
1689 CE 306 Years old
Eldham, Aernadael
Current Residence
Ashborne, Blackwood County, Avalon, Vinland
deep blue
long black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
ash white
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: by C. E. Dorsett


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