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The Merisal are the native people of Aqueous. They currently make up most of the Oceanis population.


Common Dress code

Merisal dress is centered around the wet environment they live in. Clothing is light, made to move, and to get wet. When it comes to their environment minimal clothing is key. All people ware shoes usually made from hide, and then coated with a wax to make it water resistant. Greaves are also an essential peice of clothing. They are normally made of aluminum, but wood is a semi-common material used as well. As for the rest of the clothing; Woman normally wear short skirts and a tight wrap around their breasts. Merisal skirts will always fall somewhere above the knee, but woman tend to wear shorter skirts rather than longer. The wraps, long pieces of cloth that the woman wrap tightly around their bodies to cover their breasts. Men will normally wear shorts and a cloth sash. The sash is used as protection against insects.

Common Myths and Legends

The Tribes and The Goddess

Major organizations


Related Organizations
Related Myths
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