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Marina endemis are a form of Aqua endemis capable of transforming into their primordial form.

Basic Information


The Marina primordial form is practically a mermaid. The legs are fused together becoming a scaled tail of a fish. Scales form over their forearms and hands and they fingers become clawed, and and their hands become webbed. A shallow, scaled fin protrudes from the back of their neck, and a set of four gills form on each side of their neck.

Genetics and Reproduction

Marina endemis have a 66% chance of being born with Primordial Confliction.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Marina primordial form has excellent night vision and can see perfectly underwater. They also can hear very well underwater. While unable to walk on land the Marina primordial form has a voice which can sing kind of it is more like a whale's call combined with opera. Upon hearing the song all creatures including humans and endemis can become sort of entranced. If one is not able to keep their mind steady they would end up walking right into the Marina primordial form's hand. Clawed hands which can either slit your throat or drag you to a watery grave. However if one doesn't come to the Marina primordial form then it will come to them, so even if one resists the call to their doom they still have to maintain a clear enough head to be able to run from it.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations


Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Unlike most Primordalian endemis who separate from their Endemisal counter parts Marina endemis have always remained by Aqua endemis'side.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Related Ethnicities

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