In the Kron Hills there is aa gentle slopping valley with a gnome thorp in the center. The burrows are nestled among the trees and natural contours of the valley. The trail winds past a number of burrow houses into a small clearing that appears to serve as the thorp green. Soft light emanates from the small, square windows of the mounds. Toward the south end of the green is a larger structure that must serve the moot hall.   Suurin was supposed to be a gnome utopia, a return to the times before strife and prejudice; gnome burrows furnished in rich mahogany, cool streams and cobblestone bridges, green fields alive with laughing children. Unfortunately, the hamlet itself looks dreadful. With its black wooden rooftops, murky wooden walls and barren grounds, The hamlet itself looks fearful. With the increased raids of the giantish races in the hills lately. The main attraction is the lumber mill, which was built 364 years ago and designed by giants.   Suurin has a wounded economy, which is mainly supported by baking, wood working and medicine. But their biggest strengths are refined carpentering and sophisticated cooking.   Despite its strengths and weaknesses, Suurin is most likely headed towards a gloomy future under the leadership of Zurzar Grimthrall is the Elder of the village. But this remains to be seen.


Rock Gnomes


The Free Assembly of the Kron Hills


12 gnome fighters / scouts



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