The Voah are a religion turned empire that fell into a hated diaspora throughout the world. They are devoted to the the Abyssal Lady. The seek to ride the tides, currents, and avoid the eddies and storms of life. They often discuss themselves a cup drawn from the sea with little power on their own, but together they became strong.   In 120 REP, the Sea Prophet Mihr had a vision of a great throne rising from the sea that would one day rule all the oceans of Nalea. He set out on a quest to find this holy throne and discovered the red stone throne on shore of the island of Voah. For the next 18 years, he shared his visions of the Abyssal Lady and gathers a following on the island.   The empire was declared in 138 REP. Fleets were constructed and sent out to conquer the other islands in the name of the Abyssal Lady.   They gained a negative reputation in the Saibhreas Archipelago after they sought to build an empire during The Voah War. After they were blockaded into their small island empire, they chose to call on the Queen of Shadow's Flames to scorch the sky and save them. The ritual fails creating The Burning Isles.   Only about 20% of their population escaped the islands and started the diaspora.   While the dream of empire died with the destruction of the throne, the Voah strive to spread the word of the Abyssal Lady and build prosperous communities where ever they live.


Shared customary codes and values

The Ways of the Water

The Ways of the Water are a list of aphorism collected from the teachings of the prophet Mihr.
  • Virtue is a living water. When tainted, it poisons and corrupts the soul. When pure, it gives life. When rosed, it drowns. When absent, it kills.
  • Our good deeds are written in sand before the ebb and flow of the tides. Fowl deeps are oft carved in stone by the hand of the aggrieved, but in time will be worn away by the sea.
  • The waters of truth wash away the muck of filth of deception.
  • Seek the deep waters, for their is the smooth run.
  • Not even all the waters of the sea made fresh can soothe the heat of the troubled heart.
  • The gift of our tears to others is a blessing from the depths of our heart.
  • Unsought counsel is like a stream to the sea.

To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.
— The Immortal Bard
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