The Voah Throne (voʊ-ʌ θroʊn)

The Voah Throne rose on Voah Isle after the prophet Mihr discovered the Red Stone throne on the beach and named Tabris as the heir to the throne. They sought to spread the word of The Lady of the Abyssal Depths and to summon the Queen of Shadow's Flames to bring order to the world.   Upon sitting on the throne for the first time, Tabris heard the voice of the Shadow's Flames for the first time and gained the power to control both water and fire. The empire spread quickly after he demonstrated the ability to create Pakai stones which could desalinate water.   Early in the life of the empire, all they had to do was demonstrate heir's power and they gained converts, so when they encountered the first resistance they didn't understand why. Who wouldn't want to help save the world?


In 120 REP, the Sea Prophet Mihr had a vision of a great throne rising from the sea that would one day rule all the oceans of Nalea. He set out on a quest to find this holy throne and discovered the red stone throne on shore of the island of Voah. For the next 18 years, he shared his visions of the Abyssal Lady and gathers a following on the island.   The empire was declared in 138 REP. Fleets were constructed and sent out to conquer the other islands in the name of the Abyssal Lady.   They gained a negative reputation in the Saibhreas Archipelago after they sought to build an empire during The Voah War . After they were blockaded into their small island empire, they chose to call on the Queen of Shadow's Flames to scorch the sky and save them. The ritual fails creating The Burning Isles .

The sea is our strength.

138 REP - 179 REP

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
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